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Posted by Jen on Jul-13-2010

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the city centre on July 10, 2010.  We had lunch at Wok to Walk.  It was a nice change to have noodles instead of tapas.

We walked around the city.  It was hot out, so we got a taxi to the City of Arts & Science.  The buildings are amazing.  There’s not much inside.  A massive pool is outside. 


Ivan thinks it should be made into a public swimming pool.  There’s a museum and a hemispheric theatre.  We got a taxi back to the Old Town.  We walked back to the apartment.

We talked with Borja for awhile.  He’s a funny, sweet and fun guy.  We had an awesome time with him in Valencia.  He drove us to the airport. 

Our flight was delayed 25 minutes.  We left at 6:30 pm.  We reached Ibiza at 7 pm.  We got our luggage and then waited for the bus.  The bus took us to San Antonio. 

We checked in to Hotel Marfil.  We relaxed in the room for while.  The wi-fi wasn’t working in the room.  Ivan used the internet downstairs.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the city centre.  Ivan checked out the menus to find a good restaurant.  We had dinner at Stephan’s.  Lil Dave got a chicken and banana kebab.  Ivan and I shared a domenican salad and a delicious seafood paella.  The paella comes with a sangria for €14.50.  The sangria was way too sweet.  Ivan and I thought it would be nice to have that seafood paella again.

We walked around San Antonio.  We checked out Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar.  These places are known for their great view of the sunset. Then, we walked back to the centre.  We walked to Eden and Es Paradis to see how the buildings looked.  Everybody was tired so we walked back.

Ivan and I used the internet for a short while and then it was off to bed.


Having another Go

Posted by Jen on Jul-12-2010

On July 9, 2010, Borja took Ivan, Lil Dave and me to the Cooltra office.  We rented a Go Car exactly like the one we got in Barcelona.  But, it’s run through Cooltra.  The Go Car is a talking car.  It gives you directions and information about what you’re driving by.  The lady at the counter didn’t seem to know how to connect the GPS to the car.  She said that it’s charging and said we should go.  She had a line and seemed to be in a rush.

Ivan started driving on the Beach Route.  It was really hot outside.  We were driving for about 20 minutes and then we heard a beep and the GPS voice stopped.  We drove back to the office.  The lady didn’t connect something before. It was actually charging now.


We drove to the beach.  We were meeting Borja there.  We walked to Alegria de la Huerta  For lunch, there’s a three course set menu for €11.50 per person. Lil Dave decided to get a banana paella.  For starters, Ivan, Borja and I got shrimps, fish and a salad.  The seafood paella came next.  Paella was created in Valencia.  This paella was dry and some of it was burnt.  It didn’t really have much flavor.  Ivan and I prefer the paella to be moist.  Borja ordered three different desserts to try.  Ivan and I enjoyed the Tarta de Crema Catalana.  The food was real good.

Ivan told the lady at the office earlier that the car comes with a full tank of gas.  She said we had to put some in.  So, we stopped at a gas station.  Ivan said he’d try to get money back later.

Ivan drove along the Beach Route.  The map that the company gives you isn’t very detailed, so we got lost a few times. 


We saw many sights like Virgin Square, Formula 1 track, the Mestalla Stadium, city centre, dry river, Botanical Gardens, IVAM the art museum and the City of Arts & Science buildings.




It’s great driving around in the Go Car.  A lot of people wave or cheer.  We had many people honking at us.  We returned the car.  Ivan told her that on the website it states that the car comes with a full tank of gas.  He said he paid €4 for it, but we didn’t have a receipt.  She called her boss.  He said he would only give €2.  The Go car is lots of fun.  But, the company who runs it isn’t good and the map they supply sucks. 

We walked to the city centre.  Ivan called Borja.  He said to walk to Starbucks and he’d meet us there.  We met him there a few minutes later.  Borja introduced us to his girlfriend.

We walked to Sol i Lluna.  Ivan and I had a glass of red wine.  Borja’s girlfriend doesn’t speak much English.  We talked about our sightseeing in the Go Car and hypnosis.  Borja had to translate for his girlfriend.

It was time for dinner.  We walked to Restaurant Serranos.  Lil Dave had two portions of banana bravas.  Borja ordered lots of tapas such as the tasty cod, bocadillos, spicy shrimp and mussels.  Ivan and I had some red wine.  Borja wrote a big list of suggestions for Ibiza on the paper tablecloth for us.  We left the restaurant satisfied and full.

We walked around more.  Borja ran into two of his friends.  People were passing out free drink coupons.  Borja got some.  We headed to Radio City.  It was packed in the club.  Borja exchanged the drink coupons for mojitos.  Lil Dave wanted a banana mojito, but he’s way too young to drink.  We only stayed for a few minutes. 

We walked back to the apartment.  We were so knackered.  Ivan thinks it’s because we’ve been eating late, but I think it’s because we walk around so much.  It was time to get some rest.



Posted by Jen on Jul-11-2010

On July 8, 2010, Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of Hotel Astari. We checked our backpacks into the luggage storage.

We walked to get lunch at Old Town.  We went to Txantxangorri again.  Ivan and I shared a few tapas, potato bravas and the same tasty salad from last night.  Lil Dave had a banana salad.

We got a taxi to the train station.  We left at 3:55 pm to Valencia.  Ivan called Borja, the couchsurfer we’d be staying with, to let him know that we’d be there at 6:20 pm.  He said that he was tall and I was short and we’d be there with lots of bags.

We watched some shows on the laptop.  Ivan took a nap.  I watched an episode of V.

We got there at 6:21 pm.  Borja met us at the train station.  He drove us to his apartment.  It’s very close to the station.  It’s a nice place located right in the Old Town.

We talked to him on his balcony about life, working and couchsurfing.  He’s a very cool guy.

Borja asked if we wanted to take a walk.  We started walking around the city.  Lil Dave went exploring on his own.  He wanted to see if he could find any monkeys in the city.  We visited the beautiful Virgin Square.


We walked around more.

Borja took us to Restaurant Serranos.  It’s a locals tapas restaurant.  Ivan wanted to order a couple tapas, but Borja said we should only order one.  He said we’d be going to another tapas place later on.  Ivan told Borja earlier that we don’t eat beef or pork.  I do sometimes since I grew up eating it.  Ivan picked a tasty fried cod dish.  Borja got fried croquettes with ham.  He wanted us to taste it.  But, he said it had ham in it.  It sounded like he said jam, but jamon does mean ham in Spanish.  He said there’s only a little bit.  Ivan said no.  Ivan said Jen will have some.  It tasted good, but it tasted like ham. I don’t understand why he would think that a little ham would be alright for a vegetarian to eat.

We walked to Bar Pilar.  Ivan and I had red wine.  We ordered potato bravas and fried calamari.  The food was so tasty.

We met up with Borja’s friends at the park.  I don’t remember their name at all.  Then, we walked to a tapas restaurant.  His friend got two dishes.  Ivan and I drank water.


We walked back to the square.  We said goodbye to his friends.  Headed back to the apartment.  Since we were so tired, we all went to sleep.

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