Foam Party

Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of Playa Bella Apartments on July 18, 2010.

Ivan started searching for a hotel.  He wanted us to stay in Ibiza town.

We jumped in the cab headed towards a hotel.  We checked in to Hostal Pitusa Residencia.  Our room had a fan and a balcony.  Ivan opened all the windows to let in some air.

The guy at Reception recommended a restaurant nearby.  We walked to Rickyssimo.  I got a plain tuna and egg sandwich.  Ivan got a tasty smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese sandwich.  We also shared a goat’s cheese salad with chicken.  Lil Dave got a few banana tapas.


We walked along the beach to check it out.  It’s a really pretty beach.

We walked back to the hotel.  We all used the internet for awhile.

We started getting ready for the night.  Lil Dave stayed in since he was tired from being at the beach all day.  We got the bus to San Antonio. We got free wristbands for the club Amnesia which included transportation to the club and back to San Antonio.

We walked to Bay Bar for dinner.  We started off with a goat’s cheese and mango salad.  There was great chill-out music playing.  Then, we shared a vegetarian pizza and a very tasty chicken skewer.  The chicken skewer came with potatoes that were really hard.  Ivan thought they were cooked once and then re-heated.  We had a good meal.

We got the free bus to Amnesia.  The event was The Foam Party.  We danced for awhile to awesome trance music.  There was a popular Spanish group in the other room.  That room was really crowded.  At 6 am, foam started pouring from the second level onto the main floor.  It got into my eyes and it tasted like soap.  It was our first time being in a club with foam.  It was really cool, but I couldn’t stay on the dance floor.  It really hurt my eyes.  Ivan was there for a little while.  But, the foam starts to bug you after awhile.

We were thinking about getting the free bus back.  There was a huge line though.  We got a taxi back around 7 am.

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