Floating Hypnosis

On July 15, 2010, we checked out of Hotel Marfil.  We had a great stay there.  The staff is very friendly.

We got a taxi to our new hotel.  We checked in to Playa Bella apartments.  We were upgraded from a studio to a one room apartment.

We walked to the Playa Bella cafe.  Ivan ordered a jacket potato (baked potato) with beans while I got one with tuna.  Lil Dave got a chicken and banana baguette.  My potato tasted great with the tuna.

We went back to the apartment.  Since our air conditioning didn’t work, we had to switch to a new room.  We got lucky since it had an awesome sea view.


Ivan went to the beach.  I met up with him later.  He bought two floats.  We laid on our floats.  We were floating in the lovely blue sea.  I love the beach and the water.  Later, I read my book Mary, Mary by James Patterson while chilling in a beach chair.

We walked back to our apartment.

We went to dinner at Relish.  Lil Dave got a big banana salad.  Ivan and I shared a good cajun chicken salad.  Then, we had a tuna and salmon dish.  The tuna didn’t have much flavor.  The salmon was delicious.

We walked to the Playa Bella Cafe.  It was time for bingo.  We played three games but didn’t win.  The closest we came to winning was me with one number left.

At 10:30 pm, the Andie Field hypnosis show started.  Andie only got seven volunteers.  After the induction, only three volunteers remained.  The show was boring and painful to watch.  We wished that it would hurry up and end.  We didn’t think it was funny.  The audience liked it though.  It really was a bad hypnosis show.  I know Ivan would have done a better show.

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