Mambo Sunset

I woke up feeling bad on July 13, 2010.  My stomach hurt.  Ivan got sandwiches nearby.  We ate in bed while we watched the movie Kevin and Perry Go Large on the laptop.

We chilled in the room.  I didn’t feel good enough to venture to the beach.  Ivan took a walk.

We walked to Cafe Mambo for dinner.  This restaurant is known for the awesome view of the sunset.  Ivan and I started off with Mambolicious which comes with fried calamari rings, chicken skewers, patatas bravas, shrimp tempura and spring rolls.  Lil Dave got bananas bravas and shrimps stuffed with bananas.


Ivan and I also got a good chicken and mango salad.  We relaxed and drank Rose wine.  The sunset turned out to be really pretty.


We went back to the hotel.  I wasn’t still wasn’t feeling so well.  We decided to have an easy night in.

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