Sun & Water

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the Moto Luis Rent-a-Car office on July 12, 2010.  Ivan got a motorbike for the day.  I bought flip flops at a store nearby.

Ivan drove us to Cala Bassas beach which took about 20 minutes.  It’s a lovely beach with soft sand and clear blue water.  It’s much nicer than the beach in San Antonio.

We had lunch at a cafe there.  Ivan and I shared a chicken baguette and a plain omelet baguette.  Lil Dave got a banana and honey baguette.  The food was rather plain.


I chilled on my towel on the beach.  Ivan laid on the sand.  Lil Dave ran around the beach.  It was a really hot day.  The water was cold, but it felt good.  We read our books. Ivan took a nap.

We drove back to San Antonio.  Ivan drove around to find a place to get our haircuts.  We went to IBZ Look.  I was put into a chair and the lady put a mask in my hair.  The chair started vibrating.  It wasn’t just a regular massage, but it was vibrating to a house beat.  That was very fitting since we were in Ibiza.  I found it funny and weird at the same time.  Ivan and I both got our hair cut.

Ivan drove us around the centre trying to find new sandals.  He finally found a good pair.  His last pair broke at the beach.

We drove back towards the hotel.  We had dinner at El Rebost.  Somebody at our hotel recommended it to Ivan.  Lil Dave ate fish with bananas.  Ivan and I got chicken with shrimps which had a nice gravy and Codfish “El Rebost”.  We decided to get dessert.  We shared a yummy flaon which is different from a flan.  Also, we ate cheese and quince.  It was a great meal.

We chilled in the hotel for a short while.  Then, it was time to check out the clubs.  We walked towards Eden.  We got a free wristband for Es Paradis.  That was nice since the entrance fee was €40 per person.  We sat near the beach and drank vodka drinks.  Alcoholic drinks at the clubs can be very expensive.

We walked towards the clubs.  We were given free wristbands to Eden.  Ivan thought we should check out Eden.  We walked inside.  Eden looks like any ordinary club which could be located anywhere.  It’s nothing special at all.  The music playing wasn’t very good.

We went to Es Paradis.  The DJ was playing some great music.  We danced there for awhile.  The event was The Water Party.  It was a quiet night at the club.  I believe at around 5 am, water started coming onto the dance floor.  We thought it would stop, but it didn’t.  The round dance floor area was now a pool.  We had so much fun dancing in the water.  I liked splashing people.  It was so much fun!!  The dance floor was about 2 feet deep.  We left the club at 6:30 am.  What a great night!

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