Beach Day

On July 11, 2010, we had the free breakfast at the hotel.  It’s great that the breakfast is open until noon.

We got our beach gear together.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the beach across the street from Es Paradis.  We got two beach chairs and an umbrella.  It costs €5 each.

We chilled on the beach chairs in the shade.  Ivan and I went in the water.


It was really hot out, so it was odd that the water was cold.  The sand at the beach isn’t soft, but actually kind of hard.

Ivan went to get sandwiches at a shop in the centre.  We had lunch and read our books.  We all took naps.  Lil Dave wanted to build a sand castle.  But, the sand needed to be moist.

We walked back to the hotel.  Ivan and I took showers and got ready.

We walked to Cafe Mambo.  The football match was going to be on soon and we wanted to watch it.  Unfortunately, the only tables available didn’t have a view of the projector screen.

It was a short walk to the centre.  We had dinner at Cafe Koppas Restaurant.  It was really busy.  We had an okay view of the tv screen.  Lil Dave ordered a banana pizza.  Ivan and I shared grilled swordfish and a very tasty vegetable paella.


We left the restaurant.  Nobody had scored yet.  So, we walked further to the huge projector screen.  There was lots of people watching.  When the match ended and Spain won – people started jumping up and down and hugging each other.  A big celebration was going on.  People were driving around and honking their horns.

We walked to the hotel and chilled.  We had a few big nights ahead of us, so we didn’t go out.  Ivan wanted to see how it was outside.  He walked to West End Street.  The street was crowded and filled with lots of people celebrating.

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  1. Roscoe – It was very nice to go in. When it’s so hot out, you have to go in the water to cool off!

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