On July 8, 2010, Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of Hotel Astari. We checked our backpacks into the luggage storage.

We walked to get lunch at Old Town.  We went to Txantxangorri again.  Ivan and I shared a few tapas, potato bravas and the same tasty salad from last night.  Lil Dave had a banana salad.

We got a taxi to the train station.  We left at 3:55 pm to Valencia.  Ivan called Borja, the couchsurfer we’d be staying with, to let him know that we’d be there at 6:20 pm.  He said that he was tall and I was short and we’d be there with lots of bags.

We watched some shows on the laptop.  Ivan took a nap.  I watched an episode of V.

We got there at 6:21 pm.  Borja met us at the train station.  He drove us to his apartment.  It’s very close to the station.  It’s a nice place located right in the Old Town.

We talked to him on his balcony about life, working and couchsurfing.  He’s a very cool guy.

Borja asked if we wanted to take a walk.  We started walking around the city.  Lil Dave went exploring on his own.  He wanted to see if he could find any monkeys in the city.  We visited the beautiful Virgin Square.


We walked around more.

Borja took us to Restaurant Serranos.  It’s a locals tapas restaurant.  Ivan wanted to order a couple tapas, but Borja said we should only order one.  He said we’d be going to another tapas place later on.  Ivan told Borja earlier that we don’t eat beef or pork.  I do sometimes since I grew up eating it.  Ivan picked a tasty fried cod dish.  Borja got fried croquettes with ham.  He wanted us to taste it.  But, he said it had ham in it.  It sounded like he said jam, but jamon does mean ham in Spanish.  He said there’s only a little bit.  Ivan said no.  Ivan said Jen will have some.  It tasted good, but it tasted like ham. I don’t understand why he would think that a little ham would be alright for a vegetarian to eat.

We walked to Bar Pilar.  Ivan and I had red wine.  We ordered potato bravas and fried calamari.  The food was so tasty.

We met up with Borja’s friends at the park.  I don’t remember their name at all.  Then, we walked to a tapas restaurant.  His friend got two dishes.  Ivan and I drank water.


We walked back to the square.  We said goodbye to his friends.  Headed back to the apartment.  Since we were so tired, we all went to sleep.

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