Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of the hotel on July 7, 2010. We put our luggage into the storage area.

We had lunch at Piscolabis in Barcelona.  Lill Dave had banana paella.  Ivan and I shared super potato bravas, fresh anchovies, Japanese chicken skewers with sesame and soy sauce, spinach & goat’s cheese salad, macaroni with chicken and bread with tomato spread.  It was really good food.

We picked up our backpacks at the hotel.  We got a taxi to the train station.  It took one hours and 25 minutes to get to Tarragona, Spain.

We walked to the hotel from the train station.  It was a long walk in the hot sun.  It always seems like a longer walk when you’re carrying lots of bags.

Ivan checked us in to Hotel Astari.  We chilled for a long time and used the internet.

We watched part of the Germany vs. Spain football match in the room.  Ivan thought it would be wise to get dinner during the match.

We had dinner at Txantxangoori.  Ivan and I shared a few tapas.  Lil Dave got tapas with bananas and a stuffed chicken with bananas.


Ivan and I also had a delicious salad with apples, goat’s cheese, walnuts, tuna and raisins.  We also had cod fish with tomato sauce, and fish stock.  It was a really good meal.

Spain won the match against Germany.  When Spain scored, there was a big bang of fireworks.  At the end of the match, there was a big fireworks display.


We walked back and soon after went to bed.

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