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Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the market at 11 am on July 1, 2010.  Ivan bought some fruit and I bought souvenirs.


We’ve enjoyed our time here in Aix-en-Provence.  It’s a small, charming city.  There are winery tours nearby, but you need a car to go there.  There are no organized tours that pick you up and take you there.  We’d love to come back to Aix, rent a car and check out a few wineries.

We walked back to the apartment.  Ivan and I grabbed our backpacks.  We said goodbye and thank you to Alina.  She’s such a great girl.  We had a fun time staying with her and Matthew.

We walked to the station.  We got the train to Marseilles at 12:45 pm.  We arrived at 1:25 pm.

Ivan grabbed sandwiches at the train station.  We got the 2:05 pm train to Montpellier.  Ivan and I watched shows on the laptop.  We arrived at 3:50 pm.

We walked to the hotel and checked in to Citadines Antigone.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan used the internet while Lil Dave worked on his Math homework.


We walked to the city centre.  Ivan and I checked out the menus of the restaurants in the square.

We had dinner at Le Cafe Riche.  Lil Dave ate tasty banana skewers with rice.  Ivan and I started off with a good tapas dish of squid in olive oil.  Then, we got a boring salad with squid, shrimps and rice.  Our main dish was a great dish of chicken skewers with rice.

We went to the theatre to see the movie times.  We wanted to see the new Shrek movie.  I’ve only seen the first one.  But, I know what happens in the other movies.

We went to the theatre.  The lady asked if we needed 3D glasses.  Ivan said yes.  Who really carries around 3D glasses with them? You always have to turn them back in.


We sat down to see Shrek Forever After.  The movie was alright, the plot wasn’t very original.  It was only a little funny.  Ivan fell asleep.

It was late, so we walked back to the hotel.

-Shrek Forever After poster from IMP Awards

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