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Archive for July 3rd, 2010

Gourmet Rain

Posted by Jen on Jul-3-2010

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left the apartment around noon on June 30, 2010.

We walked to Le Formal for lunch.  Ivan saw that it was the #1 restaurant on Tripadvisor.  The restaurant serves gourmet French food.  They serve experimental dishes.  Lil Dave got a good quiche with bananas and vegetables.  Ivan thought that we should get the set menu.  We got an egg with mushrooms and a tasty tuna sashimi on a cracker for a starter. 


Our main courses were a stuffed sea bass and a white fish.  The sea bass was wonderful. Lastly, our desserts were a dark chocolate shaped in a circle that had ice cream inside and a sugar tube with ice cream and strawberries.  It was a delicious meal.

We walked around the city.  Aix is a small city with a population of 100,000.  We saw the big fountain. 


Ivan wanted to take the Little Train Tour.  The 3:15 pm tour was canceled since there wasn’t enough people.  We walked more around the city.

We got back to the train at 4 pm.  We sat in the train.  It started raining and then it got even harder.  The tour guide said we couldn’t drive around since we would get wet – so the tour was canceled.

We stepped in the La Diabline.  It’s a small car that reminds me of the Pope Mobile.  It drove us around the Old Town.  It was still raining.  We decided to get out and walk back to the apartment. 

We stopped at Macrons Maresse.  We got a variety of macaroons for Alina, Mathew and for us.  There was many flavors like pistachio, dark chocolate, praline and caramel.  Lil Dave wasn’t pleased that they didn’t have banana macaroons.

We started walking back.  It was only showering at this point.  A few minutes later, the rain stopped.  We got back to the apartment.  Alina and Matthew were there.  We chilled at the apartment and used the internet.

Matthew’s friend stopped by.  Alina suggested taking a walk. 

So, we started walking to the city centre.  I like the squares in Europe. 


It’s nice to walk in an area that doesn’t have cars driving through it.  Alina asked if we wanted to see the movie When You’re Strange: A Film at The Doors.  It would be playing at 10 pm.  We said we’d like to see it.  We walked to the movie theatre.  Unfortunately, the movie was only playing at one time at 5:45 pm.  

Matthew asked us what we wanted to do.  Their friend suggested going to have a drink.  We started walked around. 


We saw a guy dressed like a penis.  Ivan and I thought that it was funny.  His friends took a picture of Ivan and me with the Penis guy on their camera.  Alina went into a fountain. 


We walked more to find a good bar.   

The group sat down at Bar de L’Horloge for a drink.  Ivan and I each got a glass of Rose.  Lil Dave got a banana juice.  We chatted with Alina and Matthew about Las Vegas and life.

We all walked back to the apartment.  We said bye to Matthew’s friend.  I never did catch his name. 

Alina worked on her project.  She was so happy that she finished it.  It’s a paper for her PHD. 

Ivan and I used the internet.  Alina and Matthew said good night.  It was time for bed for us as well.

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