Ivan, Lil Dave and I said goodbye and thanks to Lil, Aurelia and their daughter.  Their adorable daughter gave us a kiss on the cheek.

We took a bus to Cannes train station.  We bought sandwiches at a nearby shop.  It was 11:10 am and we found out the next train doesn’t leave until 12:57 pm.  We must have just missed a train.

We walked around to find internet.  We used an internet cafe for awhile.  We ate the nice chicken sandwiches.

Our train was delayed 15 minutes.  We left at 1:15 pm.  We watched shows on the laptop.  Our train arrived in Marseilles at 3:35 pm.  We had to switch to another train which would be leave at 4:05 pm.  It was a short train ride to Aix-en-Provence, France.  We got off the train at 4:50 pm.

Ivan called Alina, the couchsurfer we would be staying with for two nights.  She said that she and her boyfriend would be there in 10 minutes.

We met Alina and her boyfriend Matthew.  We all walked to the Mairie square. Alina had to scan a few documents.  Then, we walked to their apartment.  We had to walk up four flights of stage to the top floor.

We chatted a bit with Alina.  Ivan and I took showers.  I was tired for some reason even though we didn’t do anything except traveling on trains.

Alina had to do some schoolwork.  She said we should walk around the city.  We planned to meet up at 8 pm at the Mairie square.  Lil Dave stayed in the apartment to do his Math homework.  He was also going to study for an upcoming test.

Ivan and I walked around.  Ivan thought we should eat.  Alina said we would have wine at the park later.  He thought he heard Alina say there would be bread and cheese. Just in case we weren’t eating later, we wanted to have something in our stomachs.  We didn’t want to drink on an empty stomach.

We had dinner at Chez Laurette.  We ordered salmon with cream and herbs and a monk fish and peas tangine.  The two dishes came out together.  Ivan thought we should eat the tangine first since it’s hot.  I think the translation was wrong because the dish didn’t contain peas, but instead came with green olives.  We avoided the olives and ate everything else.  The tangine was a nice change from the baguettes, cheese and pasta we’ve been eatings.  The salmon tasted good on the hard bread, cream and herbs.  The meal was good.

We walked to the square to meet Alina and Matthew.  We walked to Park Jourdan to meet some of their friends.  The Park is supposed to be closed at 8 pm, but everybody always stays longer.  Most people jump over the low gate to enter when it’s closed.

One of their friends was leaving Aix to go back to Germany.  Alina and her friend set out cheese, bread and wine.  There was lots of food.  Ivan did a magic trick.

More of their friends came.  Ivan and I ate cheese and drank good Bordeaux wine.


It was nice to relax in the park.  Ivan and I chatted with Alina about movies, life and hypnosis.  One of their friends also did a few magic tricks.  Alina mentioned that Ivan does hypnosis.  A guy wanted Ivan to do it at the park.  But, the induction has to be done in a quiet place.  It definitely wasn’t quiet in the park.  We had a good time eating cheese, drinking wine and chatting in the park.


We walked back to the apartment at 11:10 pm.

Ivan and I went on the internet.  Alina worked on her school project. Matthew and Alina said good night.  Soon after, Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to bed.

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