Ivan, Lil Dave and I took a bus to Cannes on June 28, 2010.  It was around 10 am and a warm day out.

We walked around the city.  Ivan bought some new shoes.  We also picked up a towel for me.

We wanted to eat, but the restaurants start serving lunch at 12 pm.  So, Ivan and I each had a glass of rose at Cristal Cafe.

We had a lunch at a little restaurant called La Farigoule.  The waitress spoke very little English.  Ivan and I shared the set menu: fish soup, a white fish and a strawberry tart.  We also got gnocchi with basil.  Lil Dave got spaghetti with chicken and bananas.  The food tasted great.

We walked to the beach.  It was really hot out.  The beach is just an average beach.  We laid on the beach reading our books.  Ivan and I went in the cold water for a few minutes.


We laid back down and fell asleep.  Lil Dave was running around and playing with the kids.  He also took a monkey nap on the beach.  It started getting cloudy – so we left the beach.

We got on a tram ride around the city.  It was an hour long.  It wasn’t as good as the Monaco tour.  The tram also had headphones with 8 languages to choose from.


We stopped at a lookout area for 10 minutes that had a great view of the city.  The tram passed by many sights like Palm Beach, Palais des Festivals, Hotel Martinez, La Croisette and Musee de la Castre.  There was lots of driving around, but not much information given.


Cannes isn’t as upscale as we thought it would be. Most of the buildings are 80’s style.  There are some nice stores.  There’s nothing really trendy about it except for a few nice hotels.  Ivan thought there would be many posh restaurants and bars.

We got the bus back to Cannes La Bocca.  We chatted with Lil and Aurelia.  I played with their daughter.  The daughter kept throwing Lil Dave in the air.  Poor Lil Dave has bandages all over him now.  She really loved it though.  Their daughter Candice smiles so much.

Ivan and I had French red wine with cheese and bread.  Lil Dave put some bananas on the bread.  Lil cooked dinner.  We had omelets with vegetables.

Lil has bronchitis, so he went to bed early.  We said good night later to their daughter and Aurelia.

We used the internet for a bit and then off to bed.

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