Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of the Best Western on June 27, 2010.  We stored our luggage at the luggage storage.

We got the train to Monaco.  We walked around to find a place for lunch.  We sat down at Stars n’ Bars.  The food is very similar to American bar food.  All three of us had a salad.  I ate a good Mexican salad.

We jumped on the tram for the Monaco tour.  It took us around the city.  On the tram, there’s headphones with 12 different languages to choose from.  Monaco is the second smallest country in the world.


We saw lots of things like the Monte Carlo Casino, La Fountain Mirabeau, L’Hotel de Paris, La Tour Sainte-Marie and Le Palais de Justice.  It was a great tour.  Tours on buses and trams are a wonderful way to see the city.


Monaco is a really pretty country.

We got the train back to Nice.  We went to bar right away to watch the England vs. Germany match.  At the interval, we went took the tram to the city.  We had a nutella and banana crepe and watched the game.  It was 4-1 with Germany winning – so Ivan thought we should leave.  He knew the match was already over.

We got our bags and headed to the train station.  We took the train headed to Cannes La Bocca at 6:09 pm.  Ivan knew the time we were supposed to arrive in Cannes.  But, we noticed a different station. A lady said that we are on a bad train.  She said we already passed Cannes La Bocca.  We jumped off the train.  Ivan figured that we took an express train instead.

So, we got a train headed the other way.  It was a slower train.  We arrived in Cannes La Bocca train station at 7:15 pm.  We walked to the couchsurfer’s apartment.  We met Lil and his wife Aurelia and their adorable daughter.  We chatted for a short while with Lil and Aurelia.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to La Bocca.  We had dinner at KF du Commerce.   Ivan and I each had a salad.  Ivan got the Nicoise salad.  My Exotique salad came with chicken, pineapples, egg, crab and shrimps.  Lil Dave had a banana pizza.  The food was really good.

We walked back to the apartment.  We talked to Lil and Aurelia about traveling, life and couchsurfing.

We went to sleep awhile later on the pull-out couch.

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