Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 6:40 am on June 25, 2010.  We packed everything up.  We took the bus to the train station.

We bought some sandwiches and bread rolls at Migros Takeaway. We got the train from Bern to Geneva airport at 7:34 am.  It took almost 2 hours.  We arrived at 9:24 am. 

We checked in the airport.  There was a separate area for France flights. Our flight was scheduled for 11 am, but the plane was delayed.  We left at 11:20 am headed to Nice, France.  We arrived at 12:20 pm.  

We got a bus to the Rail Way station.  Ivan checked us in to the Best Western Hotel Riviera.  It was a warm and sunny in Nice.  It was hard getting a hotel since there’s a few events going on this weekend like Ironman.  The hotel gave us a welcome drink.  The choice was either Coke or a water – so we got a water for each of us.  The hotel offers free wi-fi, free breakfast and a pack lunch.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I used the internet in the room.  I worked on the blog.

It was cloudy outside at 4:30 pm.  We walked to the Old Town.  We went to La Banane. 


Lil Dave read about it in his Lonely Monkey book.  Banane means banana.  Lil Dave got a crepe with a double portion of bananas.  Ivan and I shared a crepe with nutella and bananas.  It was tasty.  Lil Dave found the secret monkey door.  It’s access to the monkey only area.  Lil Dave said he’d meet us at the hotel later.  He wanted to meet some new monkey friends.

It was overcast and it started sprinkling.  We hoped that it wouldn’t start raining harder.  I went in a few souvenir shops.  I saw a few cool things, but couldn’t decide if I should buy anything.

We went to Cave de la Tour for a red wine. 


Ivan read about it in his Lonely Planet book.  It’s a nice cozy place to have a cheap glass of wine.  It had stopped raining.

We walked around more.  We sat down at Antonia Caffe which is located in a square.  Ivan read about Pastis which is an alcoholic drink with star anise.  It came with a small plate of olives.  Ivan and I don’t like olives.  The Pastis tastes very similar to absinthe.  Ivan told the waiter we didn’t like olives.  He asked if we could get something else.  The waiter said Sorry, we don’t have anything else.  But, a few minutes later he brought us a plate with bread with tomato sauce and vegetables on top.  That was nice of him. 

A band started playing in the square.  They only played two songs.  The police asked for a permit and they were shut down since they didn’t have it.

We walked more.  We saw a big fountain with statues in it. 


Ivan had set up a dinner reservation for 9:30 pm.  It was 8 pm and he was already hungry.  We stopped by Voyageur Nissart to see if we could get in earlier.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was full at that time.  Ivan talked to a waiter and he said we should come back in 30 minutes.  We walked back to the hotel to chill.  Lil Dave told us he enjoyed spending time with the cool monkeys at La Banane. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to Voyageur Nissart.  Ivan thought we should get one of the set menus and another dish.  For the set menu we got: salmon & avocado salad, grilled sardines with ratatouille and a dessert.  We also got potato gnocchi with tomato sauce.  The best items were the ratatouille and the potato gnocchi.


Lil Dave got fettuccine with bananas.  For dessert, Ivan and I got a nice creme brulee.   It was a really good meal.

We walked to the beach area.  We sat down and looked at the ocean.  Nice is a very nice city.  We got the tram back to the hotel.  We were both really tired since we had an early start.

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