Exploring Bern

Ivan and I got lunch at the grocery store below Carmen’s apartment on June 24, 2010.  We had chicken, avocado on bread on the balcony.  Lil Dave made a banana and chicken sandwich.

Later on, we went out with Rachel, Carmen’s roommate.  She was going to show us around the city.

We started walking by the river.  It flows really fast.  We saw people going by in rafts.

We walked to the Bear Park.  There was a male bear by himself.  He had to be separated by the babies and the mama.  The baby bears are so cute.


They kept fighting each other.  Then, they would follow their mama around.

We walked up to the Rosengarten.  There’s lots of walking up and down in Switzerland.  There’s a beautiful view of the city up there.


Bern is very picturesque.  Ivan and I got some Movenpick ice cream.  It’s pricey, but it’s very tasty and smooth.

We sat down looking at the wonderful view of the city.

Next, we went to Berner Munster.  It’s a Gothic cathedral.  Inside there’s beautiful stained glass windows.

We stopped at Merkur chocolate.  We got small pieces of Laderach chocolate with cranberries, caramel and a dark chocolate one.

We went into the city centre.  I went into a souvenir shop, but didn’t buy anything.

Ivan wanted to watch the Italy vs. Slovakia match.  Rachel said she knew a good place for us to go.  We went to Turnhalle cafe and bar.  We couldn’t find a seat outside.  Instead, we went inside to watch on the big projector screen.  It was a good game.  Italy was kicked of the World Cup with the score of 3-2.  Ivan and I had some red wine.  We went outside to sit since the football match was over.

Rachel and me - having drinks

Carmen came to the bar.  We said bye to Rachel.

We walked with Carmen to get some dinner.  We stopped at Migros supermarket.  Ivan and I got sandwiches.  I had a tasty tuna sandwich.

We walked to a bar near Carmen’s apartment.  We had a drink there.  Rachel met us there later on.

Carmen, Rachel, Ivan and I went back to Carmen’s apartment.  Rachel said good night to us.  We thanked her for taking us around the city.  She’s such a sweet gal.  Carmen was headed to bed as well.

Ivan, me and Carmen

She’s friendly and very cool.  We said thank you and bye to Carmen.  It was another great couchsurfing experience in Bern.  It’s always great to meet cool locals.

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