Walking in the Dark

On June 23, 2010, Ivan, Lil Dave and I left Gabriel’s apartment.  We got some food for lunch at the grocery store Coop.

We walked to the train station.  We were still stuffed from all that fondue last night.

We took the train at 2 pm from Zurich to Bern, Switzerland.  We arrived there at 3 pm.

Ivan really wanted to see the football match with England playing.  Both England and America were playing at the same time.

Ivan found Roma caffe and bar to watch the match in.  It was England vs. Slovenia.  It was important for England to win in order to qualify.  The players were doing a lot better.  England won 1-0.  USA scored at the last few seconds winning 1-0.  It was great that both our countries made it to the next round.

We walked to the couchsurfer’s apartment.  We met Carmen and her black dog Amigo.  She’s a really cool Swiss woman.  She asked us if we wanted a snack.  We said yes.  She set out cheese, bread, sun dried tomatoes and bananas.  We sat outside on the balcony.  It was a very warm day out.  We chatted with Carmen and ate.  Lil Dave munched on the bananas.  Amigo was trying to eat Lil Dave’s feet.  Lil Dave climbed on my shoulder, so he would be safe.

Carmen left at 7:45 pm for her jazz dance class.  We would meet her later in the city centre.

Ivan and I walked around Bern.  It’s a small city.  We were a little hungry.  We were actually still full from the cheese fondue last night.  We shared a chicken curry panini at Adriano’s.

We met Carmen at the Big Clock Tower at 9:30 pm.  We started walking back to her apartment.  We stopped at the bridge and sat down.


The sun was going down.  Carmen was telling us how slow things were Bern.  People took their time and didn’t rush things.  We got back to her apartment.  Carmen retrieved her dog.  It was now time to walk Amigo the dog.  It was Ivan’s first time to walk a dog.  Amigo is big black dog who’s super friendly.  He rarely barks.  It was getting dark outside.

We started walking down a dark path.  I wasn’t sure why we were walking in the dark.  I thought maybe we should have brought a flashlight.  I also thought that it could be dangerous.  I was thinking that maybe she brought us out there to kill us.  Ivan thought the same thing because soon after he walked towards me.  He said Where is she taking us?  On three, run.  Of course, he was just joking.  He said to Carmen, Isn’t it dangerous walking in the dark?  Carmen said Bern is a very safe town.  I bet she walks the same route with Amigo every night.

We walked by the river.  It looked nice, but it was pretty dark.  We had to walk uphill towards the end.  I was getting tired.  I don’t like walking up steep walkways.

We got back to the apartment.  Soon after, it was time for bed.

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