Lots of Fondue

I woke up at 11 am on June 22, 2010.  Ivan was up early at 7 am because he had to do something on the computer.

It was a great sunny day.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked around to find lunch.  We found Mishio nearby.  It’s a casual Asian restaurant.  The dishes were expensive.  Switzerland is an expensive country.  Ivan got the green curry with chicken.  Lil Dave had a satay hot pot with bananas.  I ate the pad thai gun gai (mishio style).  The food was good.  We figured out after lunch that there’s a take-out area that’s cheaper.  The portions might be smaller though.  There’s also seating for the take-out area as well.

We walked around the city to see all the buildings.  It’s a great city to walk around in.


Gabriel gave us a map that included great places to visit in Zurich.  Ivan thought we should get hot chocolate at Peclard – he saw it listed on the map.  You enter Peclard by walking through the chocolate shop Shober. We walked upstairs to the Salon Rouge area.  It’s really cool with antique furniture and red velvet chairs.  It was way too stuffy and hot to sit there though.

Ivan and I shared a cup of hot chocolate outside.  I thought it was tasty.  Ivan said that Cadbury’s hot chocolate tasted better.

I was trying to find souvenir shops, but I couldn’t find one.  I noticed the other day at the train station the Information center has a few souvenirs.

We explored more of the city.  We sat down by the river.  There are lots of ducks and swans in the river.  Ivan went to a grocery store to buy a loaf of bread.


Ivan, Lil Dave and I fed the ducks and swans.  We love feeding animals.

We bought a variety of Luxemburgerli macaroons at Sprungli.  They have many flavors like raspberry, chocolate and vanilla.  We were going to share it with everybody at dinner tonight.

We walked back to the Gabriel’s apartment.  Ivan and I shared a very tasty chocolate macaroon.  Lil Dave wasn’t happy that they were out of banana macaroons.  We used the internet.

Gabriel came home later on.  He was cooking fondue tonight for dinner.  Gabriel’s friends came over.  It was a couple from Mexico.  They were the first couchsurfers he stayed with.  They were visiting Zurich for a week.

Gabriel, his friends and Ivan helped out with the dinner.  Ivan cut up bread for dipping.

We found out that people in Switzerland eat fondue mainly in the winter.  I think it would be good to eat during any season.  But, it does make sense to have during winter since it’s cold outside, you would want something comforting and hot to eat.

Gabriel made lots of cheese fondue.  We had bread and potatoes to dip in the delicious cheese.  I’ve never had so much cheese in my life!


Lil Dave dipped his bananas in.  He thought it tasted a bit weird though.  So, he ended up eating bananas on top of the bread instead.  Fondue is fun to eat with a group of people.

Gabriel told us that we must have a shot of schnapps after eating fondue.  It helps your stomach digest the cheese.  If you don’t, you could have a stomachache in the morning.  Everybody had a shot of strong plum schnapps.

We chatted with Gabriel, his friends and his roommates David and Andy.  Ivan thought David was the friendliest French person you’ve ever met.  I agreed.  The Mexican guy had brought Tequila.  It was a smooth Jose Cuervo.  Almost everybody had a shot of that.

People started going home.  It was just us, Gabriel and his roommates left.  It was 1 am.

David really wanted to be hypnotized.  It was way too late for that.

Me, Lil Dave, Gabriel and Ivan

We said thank you and goodbye to Gabriel, David and Andy.  We had an awesome time with them in Zurich!  They really made us feel welcome.  It was a fun night filled with fondue, drinks and good company!

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