BBQ, Football and Hypnosis

On the morning of June 21, 2010, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast at the hotel.

We packed up our backpacks.  Ivan checked us out of Hotel Eurostars Grand Central.

We picked up sandwiches at the train station.  The train left Munich, Germany at 12:34 pm headed for Zurich, Switzerland. The four hour train ride went by pretty fast.  I watched an episode of V.  We arrived in Zurich at 4:45 pm.

Later, we’d be staying with a couchsurfer.  He wouldn’t get home until 6 pm.  So, we walked to McDonald’s.  Ivan and I used the free wi-fi there.

We got the bus at 6:15 pm.  We met Gabriel, the couchsurfer we’d be staying with for two nights.   Gabriel introduced us to his friend Loic.  Loic’s a very talkative and friendly guy.  We chatted for a few minutes in the kitchen.  Gabriel said that they were having a BBQ.

We walked to the grocery store for food.  Ivan bought a Swiss cheese and a Swiss wine that Loic recommended to us.

We met one of Gabriel’s roommate David.  He’s a really friendly French guy who’s Asian.  We also met their friend who’s an Australian guy.

Loic made a pasta salad with Gruyere cheese, peppers, and tomatoes.  Gabriel cooked sausages and chicken.  We also ate tasty bread.  We tried the lovely Swiss wine that Ivan brought earlier.  Swiss wine has a different taste, but it’s good.  The food was awesome.

We watched the football match with Spain vs. Honduras.  Spain won the match 2-0.

Ivan performed a hypnosis show.  Ana, a couchsurfer who was also staying at Gabriel’s house really wanted to be hypnotized.

Ana smoking a joint which is actually just a piece of paper

She was pretty funny.  I met Gabriel’s other roommate Andy during the hypnosis show.

Everybody was amazed at Ivan’s hypnosis show.  Gabriel and his roommates went to bed.  Ivan and I used the internet and then we went to sleep.

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2 comments on “BBQ, Football and Hypnosis

  1. I used self-hypnosis to pass my driving test second time around (it worked!) but not sure if I’d be tempted to give hypnosis another go, except maybe to cure one of my strange phobias. Sounds like you’re having a fab time on your travels.
    Babes about Town´s last blog post ..10 Trophy Mums

  2. Babes about Town – Ivan does it for entertainment purposes. It’s fun doing it for fun and laughs. I can self-hypnotize myself as well. It’s very useful. I had altitude sickness in Colorado and I hypnotized myself not to have it. We are having a great time!

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