Munich Bike Tour

I woke up at 10:30 am on June 20, 2010.  Ivan and Lil Dave were already awake.

Ivan had eaten the free breakfast buffet already.  He came down with me while I ate.  Lil Dave munched on some bananas.  He took a couple more for later.  The breakfast buffet has lots of good food.

We got the train to Marienplatz.  It was weird that the shops were closed.  The shops all close on Sunday.  Vienna is the same way.

We met the guide and group at the clock tower for Mike’s Bike Tour.  Our tour guide was Will who is from Dallas.

Will is a really funny guy.

statue in Feldherrnhalle in the Odeonsplatz

The tour took us to many places like The English Garden, The Hofbrauhaus, The Residenz, Munich University, Odeons Platz, Chinese Tower Beergarden and Surfer’s Bridge.

It didn’t rain the first 2 hours of the tour.  Then, it started raining.  The group were given disposable ponchos to wear.

Mayor's House

We went to a Munchner Kindl Biergarden to eat.  I had a spicy bratwurst sandwich.  I try not to eat meat for health reasons, but I wanted to try one of the local sausages.  It was tasty!  Ivan had a good cheese sandwich.  Lil Dave had a banana sandwich.  All our dishes came with a gummy bear.  Ivan and I each got a Darjeeling tea.  Even the tea came with a gummy bear.  Gummy bears were first made in Germany.

There’s a bridge where surfers surf in the Ice River.  It’s really cool to watch since the surfers are great.

a bold surfer at Surfer's Bridge

The water is really fast.  It would be way too cold to surf in that water – even colder in the rain and cold weather.  Lil Dave thought it would be cool if he could surf on a banana.  He didn’t try though since the water is so choppy.  I think learning how to surf first would be a good idea.

We had a great time on the tour.  It’s always cool to have a funny and fun guide.

We paid for the tour and then started walking towards Marienplatz.  I felt so weak that I had to sit down otherwise I might fall over.  Lil Dave suggested that I eat a banana.  I had a banana in my purse so I ate it.  I felt a little better.  Ivan felt weak as well.  I think we didn’t eat enough and were using so much energy with biking.

We tried to find a restaurant to eat.  There was an Augustiner in the center, but the restaurant didn’t have soups without meat.  We hopped on the tram.

Ivan thought we should head to Augstiner Keller.  Ivan and I shared a tomato cream soup and a potato au gratin with mushrooms.  The soup was too creamy.  The potato au gratin was delectable.  Lil Dave had a chicken stuffed banana dish.  Ivan and I felt so much better after the meal.

We walked back to the hotel.  Ivan and I were really tired.  Our legs hurt from all the biking and walking the last two days.

We used the internet for awhile.  Ivan started feeling very hot and cold.  He was burning up.  He rested in bed.

We ordered room service.  Ivan and I shared a leek cream soup with prawns and grilled fowl breast.  Lil Dave got a banana tart.  Ivan felt a little better after eating.

We hoped that Ivan would feel better in the morning since we’re taking a train to Zurich in the morning.

Everybody went to bed early to get some much needed rest.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Linda! It is a great city. I try to take lots of pictures. I definitely have lots of memories as well.

  2. Surfers bridge was so cool! It was in the Ice River and our guide said it’s really cold in there. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. 🙂 Hope you get to travel to Europe soon.

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