Relaxing Day

I woke up late on June 18, 2010.  Ivan and Lil Dave were already awake. 

We took the tram to the city centre.  We walked to the train station restaurants.  Ivan thought Dean & David looked good.  Ivan got a curry chicken sandwich and a tomato soup.  Lil Dave had a banana and vegetable wrap.  I had an oriental chicken wrap.  My wrap wasn’t so good.  Ivan and Lil Dave enjoyed their food though.

We walked around Munich.  It was raining. 


We went to the New Town Hall right before 5 pm.  At 12 pm and 5 pm, the clock chimes and then there’s a show in the New Town Hall.  It shows moving wooden objects.  The first part depicts a jousting match.  The second part shows men dancing in a circle with one foot on their other leg.  It’s cute to see once, but not the most exciting tourist thing to do.

We got tea at a coffee bar nearby.  I was feeling a bit weak.  We had rioboos tea and a good apple strudel.

We got the tram back to the hotel.

Ivan really wanted to watch the football match between England vs. Algeria.  We walked to Hirschgarten. 


It’s the biggest beer garden in the world.  We had to wait a few minutes for a table.  We watched the first half during dinner.  Ivan and I shared a tasty clear soup with pancakes and chives.  Lil Dave had a sausage and banana sandwich.  It was his first time having a sausage and he thought it was good.  Our main course was a salmon salad and noodles with cheese and fried onions.  Germans aren’t known for their pasta, so the cheese was good but the noodles needed more of the fried onions.  It was a good meal. 

We walked back to the hotel.  There we watched the second half of the football match.  Ivan couldn’t believe that it ended in 0-0.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan and I used the internet afterwards.

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