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Archive for June 20th, 2010

Pub Crawl in Munich

Posted by Jen on Jun-20-2010

Ivan, Lil Dave and I took the train to Munich, Germany on June, 17, 2010.  It was delayed ten minutes so we left at 12:01 pm.  We arrived in Munich at 1:32 pm.  We weren’t sure if they stopped at two stations in Munich.  So, we got off at the first one.  This added more time to get to our hotel.

We started taking the bus towards the hotel.  It was really slow and would take ages to get there.  A local told us to take the subway.  So, we got off at the next stop and took the underground train.  Then, we had to take a tram.  I was so tired from lugging around my backpacks.  It was too hard to put the backpacks down since it was crowded in the tram.

We walked to Hotel Laimor Hof.  We checked in. 

We had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Prinz Myshkin.  Lil Dave got the Koh Samui which was a tasty dish with vegetables, pineapples and bananas cooked in a wok with a Thai sauce.  Ivan and I got the curry, orange and carrot cream soup for an appetizer.  It was okay.  Then, we shared wholemeal fussili with oyster mushrooms and samosas.  The main dishes were delicious.  My favorite was the wholemeal fussili – the sauce was delicious and the pasta was different and healthy.  The dishes are expensive, but they’re worth it.

We walked to the Euro Youth Hostel.  We joined The Crawl tour.  It’s a pub crawl. The group was filled with lots of people, mostly Americans. The charge was €15 fee for each of us.  We got three drink coupons that we could use at the hostel bar.  Ivan and I each had a red wine.  Then, we got a generic Jagermeister shot.

Our first stop was Augustiner Keller.  There are big beer barrels that you can actually sit in while you eat and drink.  We went downstairs to an underground sitting area.  It was dark since some of the lights didn’t work.  We had a beer there. 


Ivan had a liter and I had a half liter.  Lil Dave had a banana juice that he had brought along.  Our guide told us that the beer was very strong in Germany.

We walked to Lowenbrau next. 


We sat down in a big beer hall and watched the football match.  Lil Dave was cheering and jumping on the tables even though he’s not a fan of football.

Then, we went to Augustiner Bierhalle.  Ivan had a beer while I had a wheat beer. 


I also got a nice pretzel.  Lil Dave asked for a banana, but unfortunately they didn’t have any.  We were chatting to an Irish girl who was pretty quiet.

We walked back to the hostel bar.  Ivan thought we should finish at a club like other pub crawls.  We chilled out there.  Then, we took a cab back to the hotel.  It was good thing Ivan remembered the street name near the hotel.  It was a good pub crawl.  The beer is really strong in Germany.  We didn’t drink that much and it got us quite drunk.

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