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Archive for June 17th, 2010

Rainy Salzburg

Posted by Jen on Jun-17-2010

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left Vienna at 11:45 am on June 15, 2010 by train.  We were headed to Salzburg.  We read our books during the ride and watched Little Britain on the laptop.

We arrived at 3 pm.  It was showering.  We thought it would hot and sunny like it was in Vienna.

We walked around in the rain trying to find internet.  I was getting annoyed because I wanted to sit down.  It was wet and I was carrying my backpack around.

Ivan said we should get an apple strudel.  Ivan and I shared the strudel, but it wasn’t as good as the ones we’ve had in Vienna.  Lil Dave ate a banana.  Ivan went in search of free wi-fi.  He came back a few minutes later. 

We walked to McDonald’s.  We sat outside and used the internet.  We would be staying with a couchsurfer later.  But, she said to come by her apartment by 6 pm.  So, we chilled and used the internet for awhile.

It had stopped raining, but it was a little cold out.  We walked the Karin, the couchsurfer’s apartment at 5:20 pm.  We met her daughter Alba and her friend.  She told us her mom wasn’t home yet.

We sat down on the couch.  Alba asked if she could play the Wii.  We said we didn’t mind.  She’s a polite kid.

We met Karin at 6 pm.  She showed us around the house.  She also gave us a map of Salzburg and gave us recommendations for a restaurant and wine bars.  She told us that she was attending a lecture.  She would return around 10 pm.  We also met her son.

We used the internet for awhile.  Then, we decided to get some dinner.  We walked to Sternbrau, the restaurant Karin recommended.  Ivan and I started off with a pretzel dumpling sour with onions and marinated mushrooms. 


It wasn’t sour and the dumpling tasted good with the mushrooms and onions.  It tasted plain alone.  Lil Dave got a good banana schnitzel.  We also shared a salmon ravioli with creamed spinach and cheese and a grilled trout.  The salmon ravioli was okay.  The meal was good.

We walked around Old Town Salzburg.  It’s a small place.

We walked to one of the bars Karin told us about.  It’s called Zum Bacchus.  The football match between Brazil and South Korea was on.  We drank a delicious Riesling.  The match ended with Brazil winning 2-1.  It was expected for Brazil to win really big.

We went back to the apartment.  We talked to Karin about the lecture, life and couchsurfing.  She’s a friendly lady. 

We used the internet for awhile and then off to bed.

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