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Ivan, Lil Dave and I ate lunch at Wrenkh Restaurant on June 14, 2010.  The menu is mostly vegetarian.  Ivan and I shared a nice ginger and potato soup as a starter.  Lil Dave got a banana and chicken wrap.  Ivan and I had a lucky klassik salad which came with buckwheat, smoked tofu and goat’s cheese.  We also had a wild garlic gnocchi a la calabria on fennel carpaccio.  The food was great here.

We walked to Haus der Musick (House of Music) museum.  They have interactive displays.  But, most of it isn’t too exciting.  A lot of it was technical like telling you what a sound wave was.  There are also rooms about classical artists like Mozart and Beethoven.  One of the best parts of the museum is where you can throw dice (two people roll the dice) to make sounds.  It makes a song.  Another great part is where you can virtually conduct an orchestra.


It was actually harder than you think.  You have to wave the wand slow or fast according to the music.

Here’s a video of Ivan virtually conducting an orchestra:

We walked around Vienna more.  We saw Parliament and other cool buildings.

Ivan and I shared an apple strudel at the Mozart Cafe.  Lil Dave wished the cafe had a banana strudel or a banana cake.

We walked back to the apartment at 6 pm.  We used the internet.

Carl’s friends were at the apartment already.


We went up to the balcony and took some lovely pictures.

Carl cooked up a few dishes.  It was pancit (Filipino rice noodles) with chicken, pasta with seafood and shrimp.  Lil Dave had chicken pancit with bananas.  It was great food!  We chatted with everybody and had red wine.  For dessert, we had a tasty cheesecake.

It was another chill night.  We were thinking about going to the Jewish Quarter to have a drink at the bar.  It was cold outside.  We stayed in because we didn’t think anything was really happening on a Monday night.

We said good bye and thanks to Yves.  He works early in the morning.

We used the internet for awhile and then off to get some rest.

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