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Archive for June 14th, 2010

Football Match and Dancing

Posted by Jen on Jun-14-2010

On the morning of June 12th, 2010, Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of the Possonium Hostel.

We had lunch at Michaela.  Slovakian people don’t normally eat lunch – so we had to ask if the restaurant was serving food.  Ivan had a vegetarian salad and I had a mushroom omelette.  Lil Dave had a banana pancake.  The food was real plain.

We walked to the train station.  We boarded the train headed from Bratislava, Slovakia to Vienna, Austria at 1:51 pm.  There was no air conditioning on the train.  Thank goodness the train ride was only an hour.  Most of the windows were open – it didn’t seem to help that much.  We arrived in Vienna at 2:51 pm.

We got the subway train to my cousin’s place.  It’s right in the city centre.  We arrived at my cousin Carl’s place at 3:30 pm.  He lives in a beautiful apartment with his partner Yves.  There’s lots of lovely artwork around the house.

Ivan and I both took showers.  We were sweating after that train ride and all the walking in the hot sun.

We were going to meet Carl, Yves and their friends later at an Irish pub. We were going to watch the football match with England vs. USA.  Lil Dave stayed in.  He doesn’t really like football.  He doesn’t understand why they kick around a ball.  He thinks tossing around a banana is more fun.  At least you get a tasty treat at the end.  Ivan and I left at 5:15 pm to walk around the city.

We went to St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom in German).


It’s a beautiful building.  We walked inside.  There was a mass in progress.  I only took a few pictures inside.

We walked to Flanagan’s.  It was7 pm, but most of the tables facing the big screens were reserved.  We got a table facing one of the smaller televisions.

Ivan and I ordered dinner.  Ivan got a yummy vegetable salad while I got a chicken teriyaki.

Kuya Carl and Yves came a few minutes later.  Then, their friends came soon after.


Carl & Yves at Flanagan's

The Irish pub was really crowded.  The match started.  It was really exciting cheering on the USA team.  USA is actually a good team.  Ivan was cheering for England just like most of the people in the bar.  The match finished at 1-1.

Ivan asked what was next.  Carl and Yves were headed home.  Carl told his friends they should take us out.  We wanted to go dancing.

Carl’s friend wanted to take us to a club called Why Not?  He said You know it’s  gay, right?  We didn’t care.  I said that the gay clubs usually play good music.

We went to Why Not?, but it was closed.  So, we took a taxicab to The Viper Room.


The DJ wasn’t very good at all.  The music was dance and mostly pop music.  We danced for awhile.


We were tired, so we said goodbye to the guys.  Ivan and I took a taxi back to the city centre.  We went to bed right when we got to our room.

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