Communism Tour and Zdiar

Ivan and I woke up at 9:20 am on June 10, 2010.  We told Lil Dave to meet us in the dining room for breakfast.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast.  There was so much food there, but it was only us three in the dining room.

We packed up our bags and stored them at the Front Desk of the Hotel Floryan.  It was another hot day in Krakow.

A guide named Cyril picked us up at the hotel.  We were going on the Crazy Guides Communism Tour.  He took us to the red, original East German Trabant car.  We hopped in to the car.  It’s a very noisy car.  Ivan said it sounded like it could stall at any time.  Cyril said if the car does stall, we would have to help push it.  Ivan asked how often does that happen.  Cyril said only about 2 or 3 times a month.

Cyril drove us to Nowa Huta.  It was a town set up in 1949 that was run by the Communist Government.  He talked about Communism while we were driving through Nowa Huta.

We stopped at a place called Cafe Styli.  It was a stylish restaurant that still had the same styles of the 50’s.  There was a statue of Lenin.  People walk by it and hit it.  Ivan got a honey vodka while I had a cherry vodka.  My vodka tasted a lot better.  Cyril talked about Communism in Nowa Huta and how the people lived.  It was very interesting.

We walked around the square. 


We saw the area where a Lenin statue once stood.

We drove to the ArcelorMittal Steel Factory which was formerly known as Vladimir Lenin Steelworks.  We weren’t allowed to go inside though.  It was the biggest steel mill factory in Poland.

Nowa Huta built their housing communities in units.  There was a couple buildings were set up in one area.  The people would talk in their area.  It was a way that the Government could hear what was happening and for control.  We went to an apartment that had 60’s & 70’s style furniture.  Here we watched a documentary about Nowa Huta by Andrzej Munk.  The film showed people that were happy about building this new town that would be run by Communists.  I don’t think they would have been that happy to move there or even build it.  But, the film portrayed a feeling of enthusiasm.

Cyril drove us to the Arc of the Lord church.  It’s the only church in Nowa Huta.  It was built by the people of Nowa Huta.  The government wouldn’t give any funding for the construction. 


It looks like a boat.  There’s a statue of Pope John Paul II in the front. 


A balcony was constructed at the church for Pope John Paul II.

Cyril drove us back to Old Town near our hotel. 


It was a very interesting tour.  I didn’t know anything about the Communist town Nowa Huta.  I can’t believe that people actually lived like that.  It’s hard to imagine living in a Communist government.

Ivan and I got some noodles at the Asian to go place.  It was very plain noodles though.  We grabbed some sandwiches at Coffee Heaven for our upcoming car ride.  Lil Dave got a banana and chicken wrap.

We met Sean from the Ginger Monkey Hostel.  He was picking us up to drive us to the Ginger Monkey Hostel in Zdiar, Slovakia.  It cost us €20 per person for the ride.  The air-conditioning worked, but only two of the windows went down.  I was glad my window worked in the back.  I worked on the blog and took a short nap.  Lil Dave ate his wrap and then took a monkey nap. Ivan chatted with Sean.

We stopped at a grocery store.  Sean had to buy food for the hostel.  Ivan used up the rest of his zloty by buying 2 yogurts and tangerines.  We arrived at the hostel at 4 pm.  There was no border immigration check.

The Ginger Monkey Hostel is situated in the very pretty mountain town of Zdiar, Slovakia.  There’s actually a Ginger Monkey.  Lil Dave was excited to play with another monkey. 

We checked in and put our backpacks in the room.  We relaxed and used the internet.

Ivan needed to get some Euros.  So, we walked to the ATM.  It was great seeing the beautiful surroundings. 


Sean cooked a chicken stir fry with noodles and veggies.  The charge was €3 per person.  It was a group of 6 of us eating dinner.  The food was good. 

Ivan, me and an English guy named Jack went to the lounge to chill out.  Sean and an American guy joined us later.  We chatted for awhile.  Ivan was talking about hypnosis.  Everybody seemed too scared to try it out though.  It was nice to have a chill night of chatting.

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4 comments on “Communism Tour and Zdiar

  1. I did the communism tour in Berlin! It really is cool to learn about, but I can’t imagine actually living like that!

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. Libby – We liked the tour! It was great to learn about communism. I couldn’t imagine living with a Communist government. Wouldn’t be good at all. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Emma – We had a good time during the tour. It’s always good to chill out. Thanks for your comment.

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