Laid Back Day

Ivan , Lil Dave and I checked out of the Greg & Tom Junior Hostel on June 9, 2010. Ivan used the internet to find a place to stay.  We were planning on staying at the hostel, but we had to move to a different room.  One of the employees had the key to the room and wouldn’t be in until 3 pm.  We wanted to get in the room to chill out. 

It was another hot day in Krakow.  I had a big headache when I woke up.  Ivan found a place, so we headed to the hotel.  On the way, we stopped at Greenway which is a vegetarian cafe. 


Ivan got a Mexican pita and I had a falafel pita.  The food was okay.

We checked in to the Hotel Floryan.  It was a nice room with air conditioning.  The air conditioning was great since it was hot outside.

We chilled out in the hotel for hours.  We used the internet.  . 

Ivan wanted to look for souvenirs.  We walked to the Main Square.  We browsed all the stalls, but we didn’t find anything cool to buy.

We walked back to the hotel and got ready.  We walked to Apertif Restaurant for dinner.  It’s #2 on Tripadvisor.  The restaurant is nice.  We were seated outside at first.  But, we found out that it’s the smoking area.  We sat inside near the front of the restaurant.  There were lots of midges (a bug similar to a mosquito) flying around since the windows were open.

Ivan and I started off with a  fantastic homemade fish soup.  Lil Dave had a chicken and banana skewer. 


Ivan and I shared the delicious chicken breast stuffed with chips on top of thin chips and a skewer with turkey and fruit.  It was the first time Ivan has eaten turkey.  I told him it tasted similar to chicken.  He liked the turkey.  We had a great meal there.

We walked back to the hotel.  Ivan and I watched Little Britain on the laptop.  We used the internet and then time to get some rest.

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