Bike Tour and Pub Crawl

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left the hostel around 1 pm on June 8, 2010.  We got lunch at Cafe Vega which is a Wegetarianski (Vegetarian) restaurant.  Lil Dave had a  good pancake with bananas, honey and cinnamon.  Ivan and I shared tomato soup, Polish rice dish and Russian-style pierogis that were filled with cottage cheese, onions and potatoes.  The pierogis was the best dish – very tasty!

We walked to Cool Tour Company office to sign up for their bike tour.  Ivan didn’t turn his clock forward on his laptop.  So, we missed the 1 pm tour.  We got lucky though.  A private group from Intrepid tours was doing a tour at 2 pm.  The group and the guide said it was fine to join their group. 

Our guide was an American guy named John.  He took us to many places during the tours.  We went to the Jewish Quarter.  It’s so sad to hear about how the Jewish people were moved to the Jewish Grotto area.  Most of them were sent to the concentration camps. 


We saw the graveyard and the Jewish Memorial.  Then, we saw the Schindler Factory.  Our guide told us the story of Oskar Schindler.  I’ve never seen Schindler’s List so it was very interesting to hear about his story. 


He saved the lives of 7,000 Jewish people (including all the descendants).  Lil Dave wanted to know if he saved any monkeys.  

It was such a hot day out.  Ivan and I had lots of water to drink.


We went through other areas of Krakow like the Old University Center, Old Town with the Main Market square, Vistula River and the Wawel Castle Dragon.


There was a girl who complained before the bike tour began that her brakes didn’t work that well.  She slightly hit a priest in the park and then fell off her bike.  I didn’t see it, but I heard her say Sorry, then I heard her fall.  Ivan asked me How many Hail Marys does she have to say?  It was funny.  She was annoyed at the guide that he didn’t do anything about her brakes.  She can’t blame him for her horrible bike riding.

In the Main Market square we saw St. Mary’s Basilica.  At the top of the hour, a man plays his trumpet – a tune once on each side of the tower (four times total). 

It was a great tour.  We were sweating because of the heat. 

We stopped at a Wodka (vodka) bar for a chocolate vodka shot.  It was tasty!  We walked back to the hostel and used the internet.

We had dinner at Chlopskie Jadlo.  Ivan and I shared the tasty herring with apple, onions and sour cream.  The chicken steak with mountain cranberries was very bland.  Lil Dave got some delicious banana pierogis.  Ivan and I got some pierogis with cabbage and mushrooms.  I didn’t like it though.  Ivan ordered pierogis with cottage cheese, onions and potatoes.  We ate some of the pierogis which tasted a lot better.

Lil Dave decided to head back to the hostel.  He was tired from the bike tour.

Ivan and I walked to the Clock Tower in the Main Square.  We met up with the guide and group for the Clock Tower Pub Crawl.  Our guide was a pretty Polish girl named Maria.  The group was a mix of ages and people from America, Scotland, Ireland, Poland and England.  There were 20 people in our group.

Our first stop was Pub Sisi.  We walked downstairs to find a cool underground bar. 


The first hour was unlimited beer, wine and vodka shots.  We smoked some shisha.  We were sitting next to two Irish guys named Noel and Cyrill and two Scottish girls named Amy and Beth.  Ivan and I drank a few beers and had kamikaze shots.  It was fun chatting with everybody.

The next bar was Bafomet Club.  There was dancing and a pole for pole dancing.  I was trying to pole dance with the Scottish girls.  I couldn’t really do it right, maybe because I was buzzed.

We walked to the next bar called Hedonic. 


Noel bought some kamikaze shots which were 11 zloty (£2.19 or $3.25).  Ivan thought this was really cheap so he bought some and shared it with the group.  We found out that it was Noel’s stag celebration. 

The group started walking to a nightclub.  I talked to a group of Polish people – 2 girls and a guy.  They were going dancing.  The nightclub Kitsch had a huge dance floor.  We danced some. 

I ran into the Polish people I talked to in the street.  I danced with them for a few minutes.

Ivan and I danced more.  We were the last ones of the pub crawl left.  We left about 4:20 am and walked back to the hostel.  We had a great time on the Clock Tower Pub Crawl.  The pub crawl takes you to bars you would have never found.

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