Shopping and Dancing

I woke up around 11:30 am on June 5, 2010.  Ivan and Lil Dave were already awake.  We got ready to go out.

We took the train into the city.  We went to Trafalgar Square for the Thai Festival. We were thinking about getting food at the festival.  There was a few different food stalls there.  It was busy and the food didn’t look too exciting.  So, we walked to Pret a Manger for a sandwich.

We walked to Oxford Street.  Ivan wanted to find a pair of jeans and dress shoes for tonight.  Ivan and I would be attending the nightclub Ministry of Sound.  We shopped for so long.  We went in numerous stores and we weren’t having any luck.  It was such a hot and humid day.  I wish I had worn shorts.  At one point, it started sprinkling for a few minutes.  We liked the rain since it was so hot, but it didn’t last very long.

Ivan went back to Topman and found some jeans and a good pair of black dress shoes. 

We walked to Snog.  I’ve been craving the frozen yogurt.  Ivan got a classic size with natural yogurt with raspberries and super foods.  Lil Dave got a little size with natural yogurt with bananas and extra bananas.  I got a little size with natural and chocolate swirl with strawberries and super foods.  It tasted awesome and cooled us down.

We stopped at GNC, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett to do more shopping.

It was finally time to head back to hotel.  We chilled and got ready in an hour.  Lil Dave stayed in to study his Math and jump on the bed.


We were all dressed up for the club.  Ivan’s friend Simon would be DJing at Ministry of Sound tonight.  He told us that he’d be at a pub at 8 pm.  We were running late.  Ivan set up a cab to pick us up at 8:30 pm.  Unfortunately, there was bad traffic in South London since there was a tunnel closed.  We decided to jump on the train instead.  The Bank train was closed.  So, we had to get off at Tower Getway.  Then, we got a taxicab to Elephant & Castle. 

We went to the Wetherspoons Pub to meet up with Simon and his friends.  It was 9:30 pm.  We couldn’t find Simon anywhere.  Ivan didn’t have Simon’s cellular number.  So, we decided we should get some food and wait.  Ivan ordered pita with three dips, a cous cous salad and a Mexican wrap.  I had some of the dips and the tasty Mexican wrap.  Ivan called Simon’s house number to see if he was still at home.

Simon showed up at 10 pm.  It was a good thing we didn’t get there at 8 pm.  We chilled with Simon and his friends.  We met two other DJs David and Mark that would be spinning tunes later too.  Everybody had some drinks.

It started raining really hard outside.  We left the pub at midnight.  We were trying to run to the club since it was pouring outside.  We were really wet when we arrived.  Ivan bought discounted tickets from Simon earlier for the club. 

We checked out the rooms.  Baby Box is where Simon, David and Mark would be DJing. 


There was also the Box room which has springs under the floorboards to make it easier on your feet.  There’s a big room right when you walk in, not sure of the name of it though.  It was great to have house, techno and trance in all the rooms.  Ivan and I don’t like dancing to hip hop since it’s boring to us.

It was great fun dancing especially since we haven’t done it in awhile.  The Baby Box room has colored lights that blink in a checkered pattern on the ceiling.  It should be a lot darker in the room.  We stayed in that room mostly.  David was on first and then Mark later.  We enjoyed dancing to the tunes.  We also danced  in the other rooms. 

Simon didn’t go on until 3:15 am.  It was pretty quiet in the room. 


We danced to Simon’s set.  It was great dancing to good trance music.  The music stopped at 4 pm.  Simon was mad because not many people were there and he thought he’d be playing longer.

We went to the middle room to dance.  Ivan headed to the bathroom.  A girl grabbed my hand and started dancing with me.  She put her sunglasses on me.  It was pretty dark.  A guy was playing drums along with the music the DJ was playing.   The girl who danced with me wanted me to take pictures of me, her and her friend.


I love taking pictures with random strangers.  It usually happens at nightclubs for some reason. 

We danced for 4 hours straight.  We thought we should head back.  Ivan grabbed some oven baked potato wedges outside the club.  We got a taxi back to the Radisson hotel.  We left about 4:30 am and arrived at the hotel at 5 am.  We had an awesome night dancing.

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