Viking Barbeque

Ivan only slept about 4 hours when he woke up on June 3, 2010.  I woke up late.  It was great to sleep in. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to lunch at Kylemore.  Ivan and I shared the good mixed vegetable soup.  We both got chicken, onion and guacamole on a multi-grain baguette  Lil Dave got a banana and peanut butter sandwich.  The food was great.

We walked around Grafton Street.  There wasn’t much there though.  Some of the shops are high end, but the street is mixed with all types of stores (like Boots and Foot Locker) so the street isn’t that fancy.

Ivan thought we should have some tea.  I was feeling weak.  I think it’s because I’m used to eating so much and at certain times.  We pretty much had a set schedule when we were on the Paddy Wagon Tours bus.  We had tea at Bewley’s Cafe.  Ivan had a Gold Blend tea.  I got the Irish Breakfast tea.  Dave was sad that the cafe didn’t have a banana tea.  So, he bought a banana juice from a store nearby.  The tea was good.

Ivan wasn’t sure what we should do next.  We’ve already explored much of Dublin.  Ivan thought we should do the Viking Splash Tours.  So, we walked to the Dublin Tourism Office.  Ivan booked the tour there.

We walked to the bus stop.  There was a DUCW already there. A DUCW is a WWII vehicle that can go in the water.  One of the guides told us that we were on the next DUCW. 


We boarded the DUCW for the Viking Splash Tour.  Our guide was a funny guy.  If we wanted to, we could wear Viking hats.  The guide taught us to put our hands in the air, make a mean face and scream.  We would be doing this to people walking in the street. 


We started driving and seeing the sights of Dublin.  The vehicle stalled once.  It got going right away, so we thought that was the end of the car troubles.  But, we were wrong.  The DUCW stalled later on.  It was lucky we were near the mechanic shop.  It only took a few minutes for somebody to come.  We had to switch vehicles though. 

Our guide took us around Dublin to places like St. John’s Cathedral, Bank of Ireland, The Spire, the Birthplace of Oscar Wilde, and Trinity College. 

We stopped and everybody in the group had to put on life vests.  Also, a few men put floats on the DUCW.  The guide drove us into The Grand Canal.  We saw the U2 Recording Studios and Grand Canal Theatre. 


It was a great tour.  The guide was so funny.  I liked screaming at people passing by.  I highly recommend it, if you’re ever in Dublin.

We walked to Temple Bar to find Mongolian Barbeque.  We were just in time for the early bird special.  It was €17.99 per person.  It included the all-you-can eat Mongolian grill, salad bar, a bowl of rice and a glass of wine. 


We gathered up our ingredients and then the cook grilled it up.  It was quite tasty.  Too bad the restaurant was out of fish and tofu. 

We walked back to the hotel.  We chilled for the night watching tv and using the internet.

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