Horse Ride and the Blarney Stone

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had to wake up early on June 1, 2010.  We had breakfast in the B&B.  We packed everything up and took our bags to the front door.  The Paddy Wagon tour bus picked us up at 9 am.

We were driven to the hostel where part of the group were staying at.  The Australian girls were already seated in a jaunty car.  It’s a one-horse cart.

A few minutes passed and another jaunty car came.  We hopped on and then we were off.


Our driver and guide was an Irish guy.  He was taking us for a horse ride through Killarney National Park.  We were so lucky that it was a sunny and warm day.

It was really pretty in the park.  We saw a few deers.  Our guide was funny and told us about the park.


We saw lakes and Ross Castle.  It was a good horse ride.

We got on the bus and started driving.  We reached Blarney Castle.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I climbed the steep steps of Blarney Castle.


I didn’t know that The Blarney Stone was on the top floor of the castle.  You can stop in different rooms of the castle.  But, there’s nothing in each room.

We reached the top.  Ivan thought they’d be a long line, but there wasn’t.  Lil Dave didn’t want to kiss it.  I told him that if he wants to own a restaurant it would be important to know how to communicate with people.  So, the gift of the gab for 7 years would be helpful.  Lil Dave kissed it first.  The guy had to hold on to him since he couldn’t really reach the railings.


I went next.  Since I’m so short (not even 5 foot!), I had to go really low and hold on to the railing.  I was afraid that I might fall.  Ivan kissed it next.  He told me later that it tasted like lipstick.  I didn’t think it tasted like anything at all.

Ivan and Lil Dave were hungry, so we went searching for a restaurant.  Our guide Martin told us where to go earlier.

We ended up having lunch at Blarney Woollen Mills Restaurant.  Ivan got salmon with 3 salads.  Lil Dave had cous cous with bananas.  I had a coronation chicken sandwich.  Coronation chicken is curry chicken with sultanas.  Ivan says it used to popular in the 1980’s in England, but now it’s considered old-fashioned.  We had a great meal.

We went back on the bus.  Our next stop was Kinsale.  We went to Charles Fort which is a 15th century star shaped fort.  We walked around the small town.

We started driving again.  We arrived in Cork City.  Some of the group was staying at the Kinlay House Hostel.  The B&B was actually a house right in front of the hostel.  There was an Indian man in our group complained since he had a small room and his bathroom door wouldn’t shut.  The Indian man and his wife moved to a hotel.  Our room actually had a double bed and two single beds.  Lil Dave was happy to have a bed to sleep on.  The house wasn’t like a B&B, just a house that serves breakfast in the morning.

Ivan asked an employee at the hostel about restaurant recommendations.  He said there’s a street full of restaurants and bars.

Lil Dave decided to chill in the room and eat his banana and honey baguette he bought in Kinsale.  Ivan and I walked into the city.  We found the street that the guy told Ivan about.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much there.  Everything seemed to be closed or looked empty inside.

We headed to a restaurant that Ivan saw earlier.  The food was expensive at Louis Malones.  But, we didn’t have much of a choice.  There was an Indian restaurant next door,  I didn’t feel like Indian since we had it last night.

Our appetizer was salsa with bread to start.  The salsa wasn’t very flavorful.

We were happy that our dishes were big.  We really enjoyed the calzone mezzaluna which contains goats cheese, tomato, spinach, mozzarella and pine nuts.  We also liked the famous spicy island chicken.  It was a delicious meal.

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