Ring of Kerry

Ivan, LIl Dave and I went down for breakfast.  Ivan and I each got scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast.  We also had the tasty granola cereal as well.  Lil Dave had bananas on toast.


We were picked up by the Paddy Wagon Tours bus at 10 am.  It was another overcast day. 

We drove around the Ring of Kerry (The County of Kerry, Ireland).  Our first stop was the Gap of Dunloe.  The sun came out.  The walk to the lookout took about 20 minutes. 


There’s a beautiful view of two lakes.  We saw a happy horse.  Further along, we saw a cute sheep.  Ivan and I petted the sheep.  The sheep’s coat was very soft.

We walked back to the bus.  It was time for more driving. 

The bus stopped in Kenmare for lunch.  We checked out all the restaurants first before making a decision.

We sat down at The Horseshoe Restaurant.  Ivan and I shared a good potato and chervil soup.  Ivan had the open face chicken sandwich.  Lil Dave got fried bananas with chips.  I had a great warm chicken wrap with peppers and lettuce.

We drove around some more.  Our guide Martin tells us about Ireland and the places we visit while he drives the bus.  We stopped a few times to take pictures of the lakes.


Our last stop was the Torc Waterfall.  It’s really pretty.  It’s only a short 5 minute walk to the waterfall.  The trees were all covered in moss.

We arrived at the Rivermere House B&B at 4:10 pm.  Ivan and I used the internet.

We walked into the town centre for dinner.  We went to the Indian restaurant Bombay Palace.   

Ivan and I shared the Aloo Tiki to start off with.  We enjoyed the papadums with the three sauces.  Lil Dave liked the papadums with a banana chutney.

Lil Dave had a mild curry with bananas and chicken.  Ivan and I had a good meal with chicken jalfrazi, chicken tikka tandoori, chapati and rice.  It was really good meal.  We were glad to have something other than pub food – which we’ve been having a lot of lately during this bus tour. 

We wanted to find live music.  We went into Courtney’s.  It’s a bar with great decor inside.  Ivan ordered two red wines and a banana juice for Lil Dave.  We sat down.  A few minutes later, the band was setting up.

The band was playing folk music.  We decided to leave Courtney’s and find something else.

We checked out one bar but it was very touristy there.  The music was alright.  It started raining real hard outside.

We went to O’Connor’s.  An older lady and man were playing.  The lady was playing the guitar and singing.  The man was playing the accordion.  The music was traditional Irish music.  You couldn’t hear the lady very well since they only had a microphone hanging from the ceiling.  It sounded good though. 

The man asked if we wanted to play the wooden spoons, but we declined.  A Canadian guy played the wooden spoons which sounded like a horse trotting along.  The lady played the banjo.  She told the Canadian guy to play the guitar.  He was okay.  Ivan played the wooden spoons.  He sounded great!  Later on, I played the shaker.  Lil Dave played the shaker too.  He also liked dancing around on the table.  The tourists didn’t like it because he spilled a few drinks. 


Ivan really got into playing the wooden spoons.  He ended up with a big bruise on his thigh from hitting the spoons against it.  We had fun listening to the music and participating.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Annissa! Ireland is beautiful and so green. You have to visit sometime!

  2. Thanks for visiting Linda! Ireland is beautiful!! Thanks! You gotta visit Ireland someday.

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