Dingle and Killarney

Ivan and I had a vegetarian Irish breakfast.  It consisted of toast, two pieces of Cheddar cheese, tomatoes and a poached egg.  We ate everything except the tomatoes.  We don’t like raw tomatoes.  Lil Dave had some banana cornflakes and toast with bananas on top.

The Paddy Wagon Tours bus picked us up shortly after 10 am.   We drove around a lot.  We went around Slea Head. 

Our guide Martin told us about a stone.  He said it was either a Fertility Stone, a mass grave or a secret meeting place for Catholics (at a time when Catholicism was banned).


It was a cold and rainy day.  We drove next to Dingle Peninsula. 

We went to lunch at Dingle Bay Hotel.  We shared a vegetable soup.  Vegetable soup seems to very popular in Ireland.  Ivan had an open face salmon sandwich.  I had a great goats cheese, red onion and red pepper panini.  Lil Dave got a banana, chicken and avocado tart.

We walked around Dingle Peninsula. 


It’s a fishing village.  There’s a dolphin that lives in Dingle Bay named Fungi.  He loves to interact with people.  Fungi has been living there since 1984.  He’s an independent dolphin that finds his own food – he never accepts fish that is thrown to him.

The group piled on to the bus.  We drove to Killarney, Ireland.  We checked in at the Harmony Inn Rivermere House.  It’s a nice B&B.  Unfortunately, we got a room on the third floor which is far from the router – so we don’t get internet access.

We went to the Reception area so we could use the free wi-fi.  

Ivan wanted to walk around Killarney before dinner.  It didn’t seem like anything was still open though.  So, we headed to The Lough Inn for a drink.  The gorup would be meeting here in 30 minutes time for dinner. 

Ivan and I got a Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime cider.  It goes down easy since it tastes like a sweet juice.

We sat down with the group.  Ivan and I ordered red pepper and tomato soup, a salmon dish with crab on top with a creamy sauce and a prawn and avocado salad.  Ivan liked the soup, I thought it was alright.  The salmon dish was good while the salad was pretty plain.  Lil Dave had a open face banana sandwich with a salad.

There was a guy playing a guitar, keyboard and singing.  He sang pretty good.  He didn’t do good on Robbie William’s Angel song. 


But, he sang Cat Stevens’ Wild World really good.

We thought we should head back to the B&B.  We used the internet in the Reception and then we went upstairs to get to bed.

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  1. The Strawberry-Lime Cider is sooo tasty! It doesn’t even taste like alcohol so it’s a little dangerous hehehe. Thanks for reading and leaving comments Scraps!! I hope you get to visit Ireland soon. It’s so green and beautiful here!

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