A Wish, The Cliffs and Irish Music

Ivan and I had breakfast at the Aaron House B&B on May 29, 2010.  We had baked beans, over medium eggs with toast and tea.  Lil Dave had bananas on toast.

We got picked up by the green Paddy Wagon bus at 10:05 am.

We started driving.  Our first stop was Corcomroe Abbey.


It was nice there.  I saw lots of graves there.

We drove even more.  Our guide Martin said we had to make a wish at the wishing well.  Martin said we have to stand on a stone and face away from the well.  You hold the coin in your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder while you make your wish.  The coin must land in the water.  If it doesn’t land in the water, the opposite of your wish will come true instead.  I made a wish.


I was worried that my coin didn’t make it into the water.  But, one of the girls said that it had.  Lil Dave made a wish and I’m sure you can guess what he wished for.  Yes, that’s right, more bananas!

The day was mostly overcast.

We stopped in a small place called Doolin.  It was time for lunch at Fitzpatrick’s Bar.  All the tour buses were there since it was the only restaurant open for lunch.  Ivan got into line.  He ordered our seafood chowders.  He handed me my chowder since the table was near the line.  He ate his chowder in line.  He finished it even before he could pay.  Lil Dave got a chicken and banana chowder. The chowders were delicious and very filling.  Seafood Chowder is a popular Irish dish.

Our next stop was the Cliffs of Moher.  It’s a popular destination.  Martin told us that an average of 6 suicides happen ever year at the cliffs.  We walked up the stairs to get a good view and take some pictures.


It’s real pretty.  The Cliffs of Moher has been seen in the movies Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince and The Princess Bride.  We also saw the O’Brien’s Tower.  You can go to the tower to pay €2 for a better for of the cliffs.  Martin said it wasn’t worth it.  There’s another side that you can possibly see puffins.  But, it was a far walk.  So, we just walked around to waste time.  We had an hour there which was way too much time.

Our group consisted of 16 people on the smaller green tour bus.  Some people left since we had met up with a few people from the 6 day Northern Ireland tour earlier.

We started driving again.  Martin told us that the town we’re staying in doesn’t have ATMs so we should get money in Adare.  We had 30 minutes to walk around Adare.  We just checked out the gift shops and bought water and dark chocolate Kit Kats.

We couldn’t believe that we had an hour and a half until our destination.  We drove so much today.  I’m not sure why we sleep so much on the bus.  It just makes you tired being on the bus and watching the scenery.  Even with loud music, you just fall asleep.

We were dropped off at the Four Winds B&B at 6:30 pm in Annascaul, Ireland.  It’s a really nice house.  The surrounding are beautiful and green.  Right next door, there’s a field filled with sheep.

We had a long day.  We got freshened up.  We decided we should walk to the pub to get food.  Our guide Martin said that last call for food would be at 8 pm.  Also, there was going to be a party at the pub for a local man who’s turning 50 years old at 9 pm.

We arrived at the Up the Kingdom Pub.  Up the Kingdom is the hostel and pub that is owned by Paddy Wagon Tours.  Ivan ordered us the special that included a chicken vegetable soup, fish and chips and an apple pie.  Lil Dave got fried bananas and chips and a banana pie.  The food was average – the best part was the apple pie.  Ivan and I had some red Chilean wine.

It was 9 pm and nothing was happening yet.  Ivan asked the waitress when the party was.  She said it was 10 pm.  He asked Where are they now?  She said that people drink at home and then go out to the pub.

We decided to take a walk.  We saw a Canadian couple from our group.  They were headed to a bar nearby.  We decided to check it out.  There were a lot more people in this bar.  Ivan ordered the red Chilean wine.

A band would be coming on at 10 pm.  We got a table that had a good view of the band.  We chatted and waited for the band to start.

It was two guys – one guitarist and an accordion player.  The band started playing Irish music.  We recognized a song we heard at The Irish House Party in Dublin.  The band was good.

We noticed the other people went back to Up the Kingdom.  So, Ivan thought we should leave and check it out.

We started walking up the street.  We saw two Australian girls.  They said that nobody was really in the Up the Kingdom pub.  We weren’t sure why the party wasn’t started.  Our first guide Gabriel was saying that it would be a huge party.

We thought that we should head back.  We lost our table at the other bar.

We used the internet for awhile .  It was dark out and you could hear sheeps baa’ing.  It was time to get some rest.

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