Paddy Wagon Tours

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were picked up for the Paddy Wagon Tours at 8:15 am on May 28, 2010.  There was a big group of 32 people and 1 monkey on the bus.  Some were doing the 3 day, 6 day and even just a 1 day tour. 

We started driving.  The bus has really big windows so you can see the beautiful scenery around you.  Our bus driver and guide was named Gabriel. 

We stopped at the nice village Cong for a lunch break.  We went to the River Cafe.  Lil Dave brought his own banana and honey sandwich.  Ivan and I shared a vegetable soup.  We each had a great chicken panini.

We drove even more.  Ivan, LIl Dave and I slept a lot on the bus.  I think it was because of the rocking of the bus and the great green scenery that was rolling by.  Gabriel liked to sing songs like Molly Malone.  He even sang one that he wrote.


We saw a really huge loch (lake) and we stopped to take pictures of it.

We stopped at Connemara. 


Here, we saw the beautiful Kylemore Abbey.  We walked to the Craft Shop to look around.

There’s also a neo-Gothic on the grounds, but it was far to walk there.

We hopped back on the bus.  We drove for an hour and a half to Galway. 

Gabriel said that we’d meet for dinner at Monroe’s at 7:30 pm.  Most of the group were dropped off at the hostel.  If you paid more money, you could stay in a Bed & Breakfast.

We were dropped off at the Aaron House B&B.  Ivan wanted to chill in the room for awhile before heading out.  We used the free wi-fi internet.

We had a Bulmer’s Cherry cider at a pub on Shop Street.  Lil Dave had a nice non-alcoholic banana cider.  We told him it had alcohol in it.  This made him act weird.  He started dancing around the room and jumping on people’s backs for no reason. 

Lil Dave saw a sign outside a pub that was serving monkey pizza.  He decided he’d have the tasty monkey pizza which was banana pizza.  He said he would walk around town and meet us in the room later on. 

We walked to the pub Monroe’s where we’d be having dinner with the whole group.  Ivan only saw a few people from our group and it was already 7:30 pm.

We waited longer and more people started showing up.  There was a private room in the back set up for us.  There were about 35 people there.

Ivan and I ordered ricotta and spinach ravioli and a salmon dish.  We were joined by 2 Americans.  It was Vicki and Megan, a mother and daughter, from Pensacola, Florida.  They’re currently residing in Southern Spain right now.    

It took forever to get our food.  It was nice chatting to Vicki about their travels and Spain.  Her husband works on the Military Base in Spain.

The food was delicious!  I really liked the salmon dish.  It came with a great creamy sauce and went great with the mashed potatoes.  The bill was taking forever to come.  Vicki and Megan wanted to leave.  Ivan told them to leave the money or just give the waitress it.

We wanted to get out of there as well.  It was 2 hours since we arrived and it was boring just sitting in a plain room.  We ended up giving the waitress our money and leaving.

The group was scheduled to head to Coyotes sometime after dinner.  We saw a guy in the street that was giving out stickers for a free shot at Coyotes.  Ivan thought we should check it out.

We arrived at Coyotes.  There was a girl singing a Lady Gaga song.  It wasn’t karaoke, but the quality was about the same.  It was nothing special.  The bar was really empty. 

Ivan thought we should leave.  I thought it was a good idea.

We got back to the B&B and used the internet.  Then, we saw a great episode of Spooks.

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