Chillin’ in Dublin

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to a sandwich place for lunch.  I had a BBQ chicken sandwich.  Lil Dave got a banana and honey sandwich.  Ivan had a good tuna sandwich.

We walked to the Paddy Wagon Tours office.  Ivan booked us in for the 6 Day Southern Ireland tour.  It starts tomorrow. 

We went shopping at Penny’s which is run by Primark, but under a different name.  I bought a light jacket.  Ivan got a few t-shirts, socks and a jumper.

We all chilled in the room for awhile.  I worked on the blog.  It was great to have a day without too much activity.

Ivan and I walked to Temple Bar area for dinner.   There was good music playing by The Busketeers. 

We chose Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner.  Lil Dave got a banana and chicken burger.  Ivan and I shared a Moroccan salad. 


I got a chicken burger with avocado.  Ivan ate the falafel burger.  The food was quite good.

We grabbed some snacks at Tesco for breakfast and the tour.  Then, we decided to head back to get some rest.

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4 comments on “Chillin’ in Dublin

  1. avocado in a chicken burger. hmmm. i have to try that one. but the picture of it looks a bit yummy and il take your word for it Ate Jen. :o)

  2. Cheekee – It’s really good!! But, it was messy.. kept falling out of the bun. I love chicken and avocado – it’s a great combination.

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