Walking House Party

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got some lunch at Quizno’s on May 26, 2010.

We walked to the Tourism Office building.  It’s in a church.  I asked one of the guides from the walking tours if it was a church.  She said that in Dublin, they don’t believe in tearing down old churches.  So, instead they convert them into something else.  It’s great to keep the beautiful churches instead of demolishing them.

Today, we’d be going on the Highlights of Dublin tour with Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours of Dublin.   The tour was very affordable at €5 per person.  Our tour guide was an Irish man named Michael.

I call it a speed walking tour because our guide walked super fast.  We saw many different sights around Dublin like the Mansion House, Grafton Street, St. Ann’s church, Temple Bar area, Trinity College and the Bank of Ireland.  St. Ann’s church is where Bram Stroker got married.

Bell Tower at Trinity College

The buildings in Trinity College are beautiful.  It was a great tour.  I think visiting buildings, places and learning the history of a city or town is important to learn more about the place and it’s people.

We returned to the hotel for awhile.  We got ready for the night.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I took a cab to Lansdowne Hotel.  Here, we were attending the event The Irish House Party.  It comes with a four course meal and entertainment afterwards.

We sat down in a big room.  Our table consisted of a big group of people from Finland and then a couple who sat next to us (not sure where they were from but it wasn’t England or America).

Our appetizers came out.  Ivan and I each got the tasty vegetarian soup.  Lil Dave got a good banana salad with extra bananas.

Then, we got our main courses.  Ivan got a great salmon dish.  I had a good chicken breast with a rich roast gravy.  Lil Dave got a banana stuffed chicken breast with a creamy sauce.  Our dishes all came with mashed potatoes and two small regular potatoes.

Dessert came next.  It was small pieces of carrot cake, a Irish cheesecake and an apple crumble.  The cakes were delicious.

Tea and Coffee came out next which they count as the fourth course.  Not even a course, more like a drink to accompany your dessert.

Next came the entertainment.  Our host was an Irish guy.  He had a funny name but I can’t remember what it was.  He introduced the band.  I do remember Fergal who was playing Uilleann pipes (Irish pipes similar to the bagpipes) and the Irish dancer and concertina player was named Maeve.


They started playing an Irish song.  The band was really quite good!

Maeve did some Irish dancing.  She made it look so easy.  But, I’m sure it would take years to learn her Irish dance moves.

Check out Maeve’s Irish Dancing:

The host brought up people to learn Irish dancing.  It was fun watching people try to dance.  Lil Dave wanted to dance, but there were no monkey girls to dance with.  He still danced around on the table.

There were also sing-a-longs to the music.  We sang along to the song Molly Malone.  It was really fun.  We had a great time eating good food, listening to great Irish music and seeing some cool dancing.

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2 comments on “Walking House Party

  1. What was the Irish Cheesecake like? You’ve got me curious as to how it might differ from the ones we have here (New York-style and otherwise).

    I’m going to an Irish Dance recital tonight, actually, and the teacher’s 3 year old already knows some of the basics. I think it would take a lot of practice but once it was explained well I would imagine it’s just like tap or jazz in many respects (as far as difficulty goes).
    .-= Scraps´s last blog ..Progress Pictures: Broken Ties =-.

  2. It was creamy and really sweet! Really different from the New York style ones. Kind of reminded me of an Oreo cookie. Have fun at the Irish Dance recital. Everything can be done with lots of practice.. I agree! It just looked so easy when she did it! 🙂

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