Dublin Bars

Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out of the Holiday Inn Express in Croydon on May 25, 2010. 

We got the train to Gatwick Airport which took 20 minutes.

We went to check in our luggage at the Ryan Air desk.  It was so busy since there was only one person working there.

We grabbed some sandwiches at Pret a Manger for lunch.

We boarded the plane a few minutes later.  Lil Dave was mad that he had to be in my luggage during the plane ride.  It’s just too expensive for an extra seat for him.  He’s lucky it’s only a short flight!  We left at 1:15 pm for our hour flight.

We jumped on a shuttle headed to our hotel.  We checked in to the Best Western Premier Academy Plaza Hotel.  It sounds like we’re staying at a school.

It was nice that we got a chance to chill out.  We watched tv and used the free wi-fi.

Lil Dave decided to stay in to do his Math homework for his internet class.  He also loves to jump on beds while watching monkey cartoons.  We couldn’t take him on the pub tour we would be headed to.  He’s much too young to drink alcohol.

Ivan and I walked to Porterhouse Central.  It was where the pub tour meets.  We ordered some dinner.  We shared the vegetable moussaka and the chicken breast.  The chicken breast meal was really good, but the moussaka was pretty plain.  We had a glass of red wine with our meal.

We met up with the tour guide Kia.  Kia is a 22 year old who’s Irish and American.  It was her first night as a tour guide for The Dublin CIty Pub Crawl.  Our group consisted of 3 Canadian girls and us.  In the Porterhouse Central, we got a free sample of beer.  Ivan chose a stout and I got a light lager.  We only drank a little since we already had some wine earlier.  It’s not really good to mix drinks.

Kia took us to the next pub O’Neills.  There’s two taps at the table – one filled with Guinness and the other one with Carlsberg.  We thought it was cool that you didn’t have to leave the table to get a beer.  I bet it’s really handy during sports matches. 


We each got to pour our own Guinness.  I don’t usually like stout.  But, I drank almost all of my half pint.  It must have been the influence of all the drinks I already drank.  I think Guinness is like a meal – a bit heavy and tastes a little like coffee.  Chips and sausages were brought out for us to eat.  Ivan and I nibbled on a few tasty chips.  We heard an Irish guy singing Irish tunes.  We only heard him for a few minutes.

It was time to walk to our next bar.  The next one was called Rush.  Here, the bar is known for a shot that contains Bailey’s and Kahlua.  It sounded really sweet and similar to an already existing drink.  Ivan and I had a glass of house red wine.

We walked to a bar that was playing cool music called Capitol.  We chilled out there for awhile.  Kia was a good guide telling us stories about her travels and asking the group about their travels.

We walked to our last destination Dandelion.  It was busier than the other places we’ve visited tonight.  Ivan was trying to get us two cocktails.  There’s only one guy who creates the cocktails.  The 3 Canadian girls ordered after Ivan and they got their drinks first.  Ivan complained but it didn’t seem to matter.  He said forget it and give me my money back.  He decided to get a glass of red wine for us to share. 


We said bye to Kia.  She had an early start in the morning, so she had to get home.  We stuck around for a few more minutes.  Then, we said goodbye to the Canadian girls.

We stopped to get a Subway sandwich to share later.  We got back to the hotel and ate our chicken breast sandwich.  Ivan was so tired he fell asleep afterwards. I used the internet for awhile then went to bed.  We definitely had a fun night!

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  1. Hey Sunday! Thanks for visiting! I’ve been to Scotland- beautiful place. So far, Ireland is beautiful as well. You really should go traveling! I’m very blessed. We’re definitely having a great time!

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