London Carr

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left Neal’s flat in Stratford on May 23, 2010.  We took our backpacks and jumped on the train.

It was another lovely warm day in London.  Arriving in South Bank, we walked to the restaurant Eat. Ivan got a falafel wrap and a tomato and basil soup.  I had a chicken and basil sandwich.  Lil Dave had a banana soup with a banana and peanut butter sandwich.

We walked to the National Theatre.  We stored our backpacks in the free cloak room. 

We went to sit down for the play London Assurance.  National Theater is a unique theater.  The stage is big and very open.  The stage revolves around.  Ivan said the stage can actually sink down as well.  

The play was written in 1841.  The actors talked in Olde English, so we had to pay close attention.  It was a really funny play. 

We grabbed our backpacks and then took the train to Croydon.  Croydon is located in Surrey, not London.

We checked in to the Holiday Inn Express.  Ivan took a shower and I got ready.

Lil Dave stayed at the hotel so he could watch monkey movies and jump on the bed.  Jimmy Carr isn’t appropriate for young monkeys or children.

We walked to Wetherspoons Pub to get something to eat.  Ivan started off with a tomato soup.  It was too tomato-y for me.  Ivan had a cous cous salad with chickpeas.  I had a nice BBQ chicken melt. 

We walked towards the theater.  We took our seats at the Fairfield Halls.  Our seats were front row a little off center.  Comedian Jimmy Carr came on.  He’s a posh guy from London who tells rude jokes.  It was hard to hear him since the sound wasn’t good.  It sounded echo-y.  Sometimes we couldn’t hear the jokes.


Jimmy Carr always asks his audience if they have any questions.  One odd one was What’s your favorite Pokemon?  He totally made fun of that guy.  He thought he came on a special bus. 

A guy wanted to ask a question.  He said the question wasn’t for Jimmy Carr though.  The guy named Adam asked his girlfriend to marry him.  Jimmy Carr said that the girl could do better.  The girl Selina said yes.  Jimmy Carr was confused since she didn’t look pregnant.  Jimmy Carr thought it was awesome that he was sharing his love with the public.  He asked the staff to bring a bottle of champagne to the newly engaged couple.  I didn’t think it was very romantic proposing at a comedy show. 

The show was awesome.  Jimmy Carr is hilarious.  His style is mostly one-liner jokes.  Ivan thought that he might have toned down his jokes.

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2 comments on “London Carr

  1. Stopping by from SITS.

    Enjoying your travel blog and really love that you travel with a monkey! We have several monkeys, all of them named George (it just makes things easier, lol).
    .-= Scraps´s last blog ..The Finished Trivet =-.

  2. Thanks for stopping! I’m glad you enjoy it! Lil Dave is in a long line of Daves. His dad is called Big Dave. We love monkeys! I’m sure our Dave would love to play with your George monkeys.

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