Mexican Comedy

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to Nando’s for lunch on May 22, 2010.  Ivan and I shared a red pepper dip.  Lil Dave got a pita with bananas and peri peri sauce.  Ivan and I each had a chicken breast pita with peri peri sauce.  The pitas are very filling.

Ivan took me to Covent Garden.  Ivan said that we’d meet in an hour.  He wanted to check out the music shops.  I walked through the shops and the market looking for a purse.  I bought a cheap £3 purse from Primark last week that already fell apart.  I guess that’s why it was so cheap.  There’s lots of cool things for sell like clothes, purses, journals and purses.  I couldn’t find a reasonably priced purse.


I was done early and went to the courtyard where the street performers put on shows.  It was really crowded today.  I sat down and read my newspaper.  One show I saw a lady juggling swords upside down. 

I was still sitting down when our meeting time arrived.  But, I didn’t see Ivan at all.

I walked back to where he dropped me off.  I thought that he might be there instead.  I watched another act in the courtyard.  The guy was doing weird things.  I’m not sure if he was a magician or not.  I was getting worried and mad.

He finally came an hour later. I wasn’t too happy.  But, he told me his bus took forever since it was in traffic. 

We walked back to the internet cafe we used the the other day.  I remember seeing cool bags there.  I saw a cool pirate-themed Toki Doki Lesportsac fake purse there.  Ivan said he would buy it for me.  I love it!  It’s a great size and really cute.

We walked to the Mexican restaurant called El Camino in Soho.  We started off with guacamole and chips.  The guacamole was delicious!  We got another bowl of guacamole.  I noticed three girls from the musical Hair eating in the corner.  The food took awhile to come.  Ivan got a grilled tilapia salad.  I got a chicken burrito.  The food was great.  Ivan noticed on the bill that there was a service charge already added.  We didn’t see it listed on the menu.  Ivan asked the server about it.  He said that the service charge actually doesn’t go to the servers, it goes to the owner.  Ivan took the service charge off and tipped our server with cash.  We’re not sure now if the server lied about the service charge going to the owner and thought we’d pay the service charge and tip him extra.

We walked to The Comedy Store. 


Ivan picked out seats in the second row.  There was a stag party (bachelor party) in front of us.  The groom-to-be was dressed in a Prison outfit.  We saw six comedians  The funniest guy was Mike Gunn.  Our host Paul Tompkinson was really funny as well.  We had a great time watching the funny comedians.  I believe laughter is good for the soul.

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