Snog Oliver in a bedroom

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to get the tickets for Oliver! on May 19, 2010.

We went to Pret a Manger for lunch.  Lil Dave brought along a banana and honey sandwich to eat.  I got a delicious Chili King Prawn baguette.  Ivan got a prawn and avocado sandwich.  Ivan picked up an egg and smoked mackerel sandwich as well.  Ivan liked it, but I could taste the horseradish and it was a bit fishy for me. 

There was still time to waste.  We walked around and saw the new frozen yogurt place Snog.  The yogurt is organic and sugar-free.  Lil Dave got natural yogurt with two portions of bananas.  He thought it was very banana-y and tasted great.


Ivan and I shared a small natural and bittersweet chocolate swirl with raspberries and smart foods on top.  It was delicious!  The store has colored lights on the ceiling that blink in time to the music.  While we were eating, we heard cool spacey music playing.

We met up with Ivan’s parents at the Oliver! theater.  Ivan and I told them about the great frozen yogurt at Snog.  So, we went there.  I went to Cyber Candy next door to check out all the candy.  I ended up buying a box of Japanese strawberry gum.  

Ivan’s parents enjoyed the frozen yogurt.  One small size is enough for two people unless you’re really hungry for a cold snack.  I chewed on my new gum.  It tasted good, but the flavor only lasted for about 2 minutes.  It’s good for making bubbles though.


Oliver! plays at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane which is the oldest theatre in Britain.  It was time for Oliver! to start.  We saw lots of young school kids in the audience. The musical was really great.  It was a little hard to hear sometimes.  The cockney accents were a little hard to understand.  I had to pay close attention.  The musical was dark and violent.  I don’t think it’s really appropriate for young kid that were in the audience. 

We all walked to Whole Foods.  Lil Dave picked up some organic bananas.  Ivan’s mum bought a few things. 

Ivan, Lil Dave, me and Ivan’s parents walked to Bistro 1 for dinner.  There was a good deal for 2 or 3 course meals.  Everybody decided to get the 2 courses.  I had the bistro meze and the chicken penne arriabatta.  Ivan got the salmon and avocado salad and vegetarian moussaka.  Lil Dave decided to get a banana salad and a banana gyro.  The food was excellent.  It was great day out with Ivan’s parents.

We hopped on a train.  Ivan really wanted to see Billy Elliott, but unfortunately it was sold out.  So, we got back on the train.

We saw the play Bedroom Farce.  It was a bit funny in the first part.  The second part of the story wasn’t as good.  It wasn’t as farcical as it could have been. 

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