French Dancing

Ivan and I got sandwiches at Kruger on May 15, 2010.  We took a train into the city.  We went to Primark on Oxford Street.  Primark is a clothing store filled with really cheap clothes, shoes, towels, jewelry and purses.  This location is huge.  It was soo crowded in the store. I don’t shopping already, but it’s even worse when there’s tons of people there as well.  We’ll be headed to an event later called La Belle Epoque.  At the event, you must wear fashionable clothes that are French.  So, we were in search of fancy clothes.  Ivan helped me pick out cool chic clothes.  I wish they had a store like Primark in the USA.  I would have an awesome wardrobe. 

We took the train again.  Ivan took us to get a double chocolate chunk cookie at Ben’s cookies.  It was really delicious!  Lil Dave got a slice of tasty banana bread from a stall nearby.

We went to Starbucks.  We used the internet for awhile. 

It was time to get back to the hotel so we hopped on a train.  We picked up some sushi at Wasabi.  We started getting ready for our event. Lil Dave was happy to have the hotel room to himself.  He loves to jump on the bed and watch monkey cartoons on the tv.

Ivan and I took the train to Shoreditch.  I thought we looked really good in our French clothes.  I was a little cold since I was wearing a dress with knee high socks.

We got to the La Belle Epoque event. 


There was tons of people dressed up in French clothes.  It was great!  I was greeted by one of the staff who was all decked out with a top hat and fancy dress.

I grabbed a table on the second floor.  Ivan ordered us Absinthe at the bar.  A lady and a guy came near the table.  The lady asked if I was having a good time.  I said yes, but I just got here.  She told me there was Absinthe at the bar.  I asked if it she had any and if it tasted good.  She said I can’t drink because I have to hang upside down.  I said Oh no, maybe later on then.  I didn’t know she was one of the acrobats.  The staff were all mingling with the crowd and starting conversations. 

There was lots of acrobatics going on.  It was on rope, scarves and ring. 


They didn’t even use a safety.  The acrobats weren’t up very high – but the concrete floor probably wouldn’t feel soft if they fell.  It always makes me a little nervous watching acrobatics do their thing.  Sure, it’s amazing, but I’m scared they might fall off.  One of the acrobats looked like a grandma and she looked like a man.  Maybe it was an older man dressed up as a woman.

A band came on called The Divetones.  They played lots of great music like rock and blues.  I really liked the horns.  We danced to the cool music.

Can Can dancers did a few minutes of dancing for the audience.  Although, it should have been longer.

A room in the back had a lady doing free face painting.  I got my face painted.  I wanted something different than the other girls.  I asked to put colors of my necklace and something rockstar.  It turned out really awesome!


A DJ came on, but he wasn’t really good.  He was horrible at mixing and playing all the wrong music for a party.  Nobody was really dancing.

We left the event.  We wanted to do more dancing.  Ivan thought we should check out Carwash.  It was only few minutes away. 

It was good thing we were dressed up.  Everybody in the club was wearing clothes from the 70’s, 80’s or a weird costume.  I saw 2 guys in prison suits and a MC Hammer look-a-like. 

The DJ played awesome music with hits from the 70’s, 80’s and the present.  We danced for a long time.  I love to dance and let the music move me.

We left the club and went searching for a mini-cab.  Ivan went to a place to order one. 

The cab drove so fast.  I was scared he was going to hit a car.  Thankfully, we got back to the hotel with no injuries.

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