London Freaks

Ivan and I took a train from Southend to London on May 14, 2010.   We reached the Marriott Hotel in West India Quay.  We couldn’t check in yet.  So, we stored our bags with the bell desk.  We were both really tired.  Our sleep schedules have been messed up lately.  We’ve been sleeping way too much.  So, we’re trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule.

We jumped on the train headed to Soho.  We met Ivan’s brother Neal.  Then, we walked to an Asian restaurant called Inamo.  Neal has been before and thought the food was amazing.  The table-top is computerized.  The menu is accessed from a circle touch pad.  You can also order right from your table top.  Very cool!  You can change the background, play games and see a webcam of the chef.  We ordered salmon and avocado ceviche, mushroom toban yaki, sushi, black cod and silky crispy tofu.  The food was excellent.  It was great to catch up with Neal before he heads off to Cuba in a few days.

We walked around London with Neal for awhile.  Ivan thought we should go to the hotel for some rest.  Neal was thinking about going to a movie, but decided he was tired as well.

Ivan and I took a much needed 3 hour nap.

We took the train to South Bank.  It was time to get a bite to eat.  Ivan thought Giraffe looked good.  We ordered the vegetarian chili, white bean and garlic soup, peri peri chicken and a salad with pumpkin, edamame, sunflower seeds and mandarin oranges.  Our waiter had a funky mohawk.  He kept smiling at me which was a bit weird.  I’m not sure if he fancied me or he was just a happy guy.  The chicken was the best dish.  The peri peri sauce was so delicious!  It was a good meal. 


Next, we went to the Time Out Freak show at the Udderbelly.  It’s an upside down purple cow.  I’m not sure who thought of it but it’s cool to me since I like cows.  So, we picked front row seats but off to the side.  We didn’t want to get picked on during the show.

The host, Miss Behave, was a cool tattooed lady who was wearing a tight, red latex dress.  She reminded me of my friend Taylor.  She was definitely freaky.  She put a rose through her tongue piercing hole and twisted it.  Ouch, I bet that hurt!

I was expecting the show to be freakier than it actually was.  I’ve seen Jim Rose Circus and there’s lots of freaks in that show.  There was a doctor telling us funny medical things like people who don’t like people hearing them go to the bathroom.  He was a bit funny, but if he went on anymore it probably would have bored us to death.  But, then he could just resuscitate us back to good health. 

There was a pretty lady singing a Nirvana song and then a sing-along with the audience.  I guess it pays to be pretty because the crowd seemed to like it. 

We also saw a magician, a singing Hitler look-a-like who was very funny, a guy with arms half the normal size and no thumbs, and a hilarious, rude gay comedian from San Francisco. 


I think the silliest part was when one gu took off all his clothes and then put a firecracker up his ass and lit it.  Lovely!  The show was definitely entertaining, different, fun and a little freaky.

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